NCIS: Los Angeles Producer: Dom is Gone; No One is Safe!

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NCIS: Los Angeles began and ended last night's episode, "Missing," with the disappearance of rookie agent Dom Vaile. The story was left wide open to interpretation.

Until now. Cast member Adam Jamal Craig (Dom) is leaving the hit procedural, according to Entertainment Weekly, which spoke with snow creator Shane Brennan.

The only question is when. Pretty much the only thing clear after last night was that this is the shocking, emotional story teased by producers earlier this month.

Dom Vaile

Adam Jamal Craig (Dom Vaile) is leaving NCIS: Los Angeles.

The pilot episode of Lost originally called for Jack to be killed off immediately after establishing him as the main character. Dom is no Jack, but his departure did come out of nowhere, and seemed to be engineered to generate the same kind of shock value.

Tuesday's episode left the character’s fate very much up in the air. Is Dom dead? Will his kidnapping remain an unsolved mystery? Why was Craig written out?

Follow the jump for excerpts from EW's interview with Brennan in which he addresses the fate of Dom and more regarding this unfinished NCIS: Los Angeles business ...

Q: Where’s Dom?

Shane Brennan: He’s gone. He’s out there somewhere.

Q: Will the team continue to search for him?

Shane Brennan: They’re not about to leave one of their own unaccounted for, but life goes on. They’ve got cases to solve. So they continue to do that and wonder.

Q: How long will this story play out for?

Shane Brennan: It will arc the rest of the season ... in the great tradition of NCIS, it doesn’t mean that having answered the questions we won’t pose more.

Q: Why did you decide to write out a main cast member this early?

Shane Brennan: To my mind, particularly in the first season of a show, there is no main cast. The audience is meeting a whole bunch of characters and you get the opportunity to play around with them. I’m a great believer in playing with the audience’s expectations. No one’s safe.

Q: What was Adam’s reaction?

Shane Brennan: He was incredibly professional. Everyone’s aware that these sorts of things can happen. I warned everyone that I shake things up all the time.

And by the way, just because Dom’s missing doesn’t mean you won’t see him again. There’s blood in the car, but is he dead? Alive? What’s going to happen?

There is a powerful episode to come that will provide some resolution.

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I'd rather they got rid of Kensey. She's no Kate or Ziva. She tries too hard and is irritating. But I liked the original team leader too. Not as much as Hetty, but she had energy.


The Shane Brennan conversation I just read has managed to make me consider discontinuing my viewing of the show. This Shane guy comes across as insensitive to actors; thinking that it is just fine to dump a load of crap into a persons life, and throw off balance a person's financial security; especially in the midst of a recession. No wonder so many actors commit suicide. NCIS Los Angeles may have just lost a potential loyal fan.


I am so tired of these shows getting rid of the people who you come to know and see them as part of what you look for and then they are gone and no one can tell you why. look at CSI Miami. and Bones. so tired. then they ended Los Vagas without ending it.


Yuck - I went from being lukewarm when this started, to deciding I likee it (particularly Callen and Sam and Hetty). But, this really turns me off. I despise when TV producers feel that to "make it real" or WHATEVER, that they need to kill off characters. A year or so ago, it was like a death epidemic, so many main characters on shows got killed off. It's annoying to be invested in the characters and then have them dumped off. I'll have to really think about whether I want to continue to watch the show. Hey, why should I bother when the producer announces "no one's safe"? Fine, count me out. Right now, there are tons of other good shows to watch.


Bring him back but where he's playin for the bad guys. He really to get intell on the rest of the crew.


i think thats a great Idea shaun. Crossing the two would be a powerful 2 hour show, CSI did that with CSI, CSI: Miami, and CSI: Las Vegas, and it caused me to watch CSI and CSI: Las Vegas and I usually don't. However, I watch both of the NCIS' I still think having Calan on NCIS with Gibbs was another good episode two seasons ago. Let's see the story evolve with a little more closure with the help of the DC TEAM!


They should have dom's story lead them to Washington dc and tie in with ncis let's get Tony and zeva involved yea

Steve marsi

Done: Thanks for the catch, Sharon!


why are you not including the blond tech guys as a cast member? You should, he adds alot to the plot line.

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