Nurse Jackie to Go Into "New Gear of Gay" on Season Two

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Showtime recently confirmed that Haaz Sleiman- who played Mohammed “Mo-Mo” De La Cruz on season one- would not return to Nurse Jackie as a series regular.

While this would seemingly forecast a lack of gay storylines in the future (Mo-Mo wasn't shy about his sexuality), series creator Linda Wallem says the opposite is true.

In a new interview, she said the show is going into a "new gear of gay" when it returns on March 22. Here's what else she had to say:

On going more gay: We're a hospital, we have a ton of gay nurses! This season, we're going to have a really great gay love triangle ... a three-part arc that is going to be great. I mean it when I say we are going into a new gear of gay this year.

On guest star Harvey Fierstein: I'm really proud of his story. It's a very simple story of a man whose husband is dying. People are used to Harvey being so huge and flamboyant, but he's very stripped down and lovely. It's a beautiful performance of a man whose husband is dying (from old age) and what that feels like for him.

On other guest stars: [There's] Barbara Barrie, and Marion Ross. I love her, and I killed her off on That 70's Show ten years ago and I promised her I'd bring her back to life one of these days, and I finally got to! Julia Ormond guest stars, and she's wonderful.

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