Private Practice Review: "Best Laid Plans"

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Thursday night's episode of Private Practice was fairly predictable as far as the primary storyline was concerned, but still had some memorable, well-acted scenes.

If you missed it or need a refresher on the details, here's our episode guide to last night's Private Practice. Now here's our take on the events of "Best Laid Plans" ...

For whatever reason, TV shows will not feature a character getting an abortion. Past abortions people reflect upon are okay, but present-day ones don't happen.

Take it to the bank. For whatever reason, this is the last taboo, so you knew that Maya would not actually terminate her pregnancy, despite coming thisclose. Weak.

We're not saying we favor abortions, we just wouldn't mind a show taking a different tack. Let's say Maya has Addison perform the abortion instead. Will she regret it? Will her parents?

Will she tell the guy? What is the emotional fallout?

We'll never know, because she chooses life! As Naomi marches Maya in to see Dell helping a patient give birth, in hopes of freaking her out, she is enchanted!

Talk about predictable and cliched.


Pregnant Maya gets slapped by Naomi as Sam reacts in disbelief.

Naomi then pulls a Violet and runs away from Sam, because she just can't deal! Sam, in turn, confronts and threatens Dink, who didn't know Maya was pregnant. Oops.

Meanwhile, Violet tries to get the hospital to stop sending her free samples of baby products because she "is no longer a mother." A man who just lost his wife overhears.

He thinks she means her baby died and begins opening up to her. Violet doesn't correct him, since she sees it helps the grieving guy talk about it as he tries to move on.

Ultimately, she does come clean, but helps him finally leave the hospital.

Charlotte and Cooper stay broken up and say more mean things to each other for the 127th consecutive week. A cute scene came when Violet offered her a place to stay.

Throughout the night, Pete helps Fife make sure an Afghanistan veteran gets to keep his robotic arm despite an infection incurred when he had a bolt attached to his arm.

Painful as that was to watch, it was neat seeing Pete and Fife clash over the risks - and how far they'd both be willing to go to on behalf of a patient who wanted it so bad.

What did you think of last night's Private Practice? Comment away!


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I will never watch another episode. This crossed to much of a line with abortion. Just because its legal doesn't mean its right! Wake up people!


Yes, the original actress was replaced after only a few episodes.


I was watching a re-run of Greys Anatomy and notice Naomi from Private Practice. Was there a different Naomi at the beginning?


I hate this teen pregnancy story. Maya was suppossed to be a smart girl with parents for doctors not another dumb slut. I am dissappionted with this story. What kind of role model is she now to our teens who watch the show.
I always rooted for Charlotte and Cooper . They had a cute and fun relationship. As far as I am concerned they could kick Cooper off the show. Their is no redeeming this abusive monster of a man. This storyline of Charlotte's marraige has been dragged out since November, it is about time Shonda shed some light on the mystery of Charlotte's marraige.
I liked Violet. Her scenes with Charlotte were too cute. Look foward to more of these two.
Addison bores me. She just doesn't hold my interest. They are in season three now let's lose the focus on Addison.


loved it
message back


I was offended by the way this episode depicted a woman committed to giving birth to her baby naturally. That woman was characterized as some crazy new age hippie, simply because she wanted to allow a natural process to occur without medical intervention. Besides, I thought Dell was supposed to be a midwife. Midwives don't believe in unnecessary intervention and they don't mock their patients for having the strength to allow their bodies do what they were designed to do.


@Daedra good point about Maya being "enchanted" by that sight. That was just too much for me. Really? What 15 yr old girl sees that and thinks that is exactly what I want in my life right now? I got pregnant at 19 and certainly would not have -- I was terrified. I love my child more than anything and wouldn't have changed my decision to keep her, but there was no way I would have reacted the way she did. I am super disappointed in ABC for not going for the abortion. It's like they are standing on this cliff ready to jump so we will watch, but then never jump. But oh I loved loved Addison's speech. She's spot on, this is Maya's choice, not hers or Naomi's but Maya's. I know many people are against abortion, but that is your choice and decision, you shouldn't be forcing that on someone else. Just like Maya, every woman should be able to make this decision for herself with accurate information from their doctor.


I thought it was a horrible episode. I had been thinking for a few episodes that we'd wind up with a story line where Maya was pregnant. And lo, it was. I'm sick to death of teenage pregnancy. Maya should have been too smart for that and its not like she didn't have easy access to birth control ... I just found the whole episode distasteful. And now we have to go through Maya's pregnancy. No thanks. Way too soapy and boring for me. I like Coop and Charlotte together. I think their relationship was the most interesting on the show, but now nothing is going on but more of the same. Cooper won't forgive Charlotte for something that shouldn't require forgiveness and we get his nastiness week after week. Tired of it. Boring. I have to say I'm pretty much done with this show ... unless they start writing it better and move the storyline along faster.


@Chillo and AnnetteC, yes both women were phenomenal!! I absolutely think that Audra should at least be nominated if not win something for that episode!!! Her reaction was completely different from what I expected, yet so incredibly perfect!!!! I cannot wait to see where they go with this storyline. And while the abortion part of this episode was predictable, I can't say I'm sorry that they went through with it. I hate the idea of abortion, so that has something to do with it, but I think this storyline is necessary for Naomi's development in the series as well as Sam with both Naomi and Addison. It'll be interesting, too, with the wheelchair guy. She had a moment of weakness with him and it was surprisingly touching and I found myself clapping at that moment. I love where this show is going with everybody. They all are growing with their own crap, but find solace in people they never thought they would. God I love Private Practice...


@AnnetteC, thank u! Finally someone that mentions how great Audra's performance was in that episode. She did a total 180 in a matter of seconds. And although the route they took was predictable, Naomi's reaction in my eyes wasn't. I mean she is suppose to be the good girl and all,so to me her reaction to Maya's pregnancy was totally unexpected!
ps: if this isn't worth an Emmy nomination I don't know what it!

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