Rob Estes: Leaving 90210!

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First, Jennie Garth said goodbye.

Now, in far more unexpected casting news, Rob Estes is also out of 90210.

"Rob won’t be on the show next season,” a show insider told "The producers, the studio and Rob came to the conclusion together that his role had ran its course. There just wasn’t enough for Rob to do because the show is more about the kids.”

That's true... but there must be more to this story. After all, Estes portrays the school principal and the father to two of the main characters. There are plenty of storylines in which he's been at least somewhat involved.

Harry Wilson Picture

As you might expect, another source says the problem comes down to money.

“Rob’s an experienced actor and feels he deserves to be compensated accordingly," this source said. "But the CW just wants to cut costs and they want to reward all these young (and therefore cheaper) actors and actresses instead."

It's unclear at this time if Estes will be around when the series returns with new episodes on March 9. It sounds like writers will be scrambling to find a way to write him out for next season, but it won't be easy given his character's role on the show.

Will Harry and Deb get divorced? Will Harry get fired and move away? Might the series replace Estes with a different actor?

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** UPDATE: Estes will complete work on season two and then leave the show. He's released the following statement:

"This is my final season on "90210" and I wish the show, cast and crew nothing but the best. I am looking forward to spending time with my kids and exploring other opportunities."

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YAY totally agree..getting killed by Jasper would be the best way to leave the show for Harry.. i am so hoping it will bring lots of drama.. another way that wasn´t mentioned yet is Harry leaving with kelly i mean both are leaving the show why not together? they had kind of a storyline in season 2 so why not?


Wow thats a surprise I really hope this doesnt happen but I always thought Jasper would go crazy like a columbine kid and start shooting ppl in the school what if he closes all the exits and than Harry tries to talk him out and he gets shot by jasper :S.
Reason why I think they might do something like that because why do they always have Jasper in those boots there obviously trying to hint at something


I just hope the producer can surprise us as well as they did with this new season and make the show even better than what it already is.
When they first started making changes at the first half of the season so they can give a totally new vibe to the show in the second one it kinda felt weird, but when I finally saw the result in he first episode of this season it was totally worth it
So, I hope they know well what they're doing and don't let us down in this one, because I actually think this is the best show (along with Life Unexpected) that The CW has on right now


Well that is going to suck. I wonder how they are going to write him out? This should be intresting. Just as things are starting to turn around for their family. crap.


Noooo I love Rob Estes and I love Harry and his relationship with reminded me so much of Jim and Cindy Walsh from the old 90210! So sad :( And while we're at it--bring back Ethan!!!

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