The Vampire Diaries Review: "Bloodlines"

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On the first Vampire Diaries episode of 2010, we see Damon save Elena's life, Elena return the favor... and then learn that Stefan once did the same for his human girlfriend.

Indeed, this is a burgeoning love triangle with a lot at stake. How did the show make an impact in its first installment after a lengthy hiatus? We review "Bloodlines" and ask questions about it below...

Ignorant Elena or Delightful Damon? Without her vervain necklace on, did Elena give in too easily to Damon's charms? Or was she just acting nice in order to avoid getting killed? We were leaning toward the former, until the most startling action of the night: Elena actually saved Damon's life. Considering all he's done, it may have seemed like a stretch to some that she'd plead for Damon to be spared, but think about it:

Elena is in a vulnerable, confused, angry state. Damon was at least offering something Elena was struggling to get out of Stefan: the truth. This is an open, unashamed vampire. Given Damon's personality and his honesty in answering Elena's questions, it made perfect sense for her to see him in a new light.

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What are Damon's intentions? This is the question that lingers over the entire series. Does he actually have feelings for Elena? Is he using her to get to Stefan somehow?To learn more about Katherine?

As always, it's a testament to Ian Somerhalder's performance that he can be so charming and attractive one moment, only to remind viewers at every turn of his evil side. We audibly gasped when he killed Bree. Somehow, even now, we still didn't see that coming!

Alaric: Cause for Alarm? We learned a lot about this history teacher in a short period of time. No, he's not a vampire. No, he doesn't even seem to be a vampire hunter, as Logan was the first blood-sucker he ever met. But he clearly does have an agenda, and that might not bode well for Damon.

By the end of the episode, Alaric was aware of Damon's identity and Bonnie's grandmother knew everything about Stefan. How many more residents of Mystic Falls will learn the truth about the Salvatores? What might the consequences be? And will Jeremy learn something that opens his eyes to the new man in his sister's life?

The most pressing question this episode left us with, however, is: Can we trust Stefan? He's withheld a great deal from Elena, and it seems unlikely he never checked on Katherine's family to see if there was a connection to the adopted girl he discovered in a submerged car months ago. We're not on Team Damon just yet, but the show did a wonderful job of planting the seeds for an allegiance switch.

What did you think of it? Sound off in our Comments section below and/or in our Vampire Diaries forum. We'll leave you with a few of the best quotes from this week:

Elena: I saved your life.
Damon: I know.
Elena: And don't you forget it. | permalink
Damon: Vampires can't procreate... though we love to try. | permalink
Damon: It's not like we all hang out together at the vamp bar and grill. | permalink
Alaric: I was right about Mystic Falls. There's evil here. I can feel it... everywhere. | permalink
Damon: You're not the worst company in the world, Elena. | permalink
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*****************************SPOILER?********************************* Wow! I love this episode! So...Stefan saved her O.O ooooh! That was such a huge bomb for me, left me gasping for air...and to think that wasnt enough, the writers killed me with a second bomb, ELENA's ADOPTED! WOOOOW


Excellent review of an EXCELLENT episode! I know Damon can be evil, but how he killed Bree just blew me away! I literally gasped out loud too! No matter where this story goes, I am thrilled with the show!


Can't wait to find out who that creepy vampire trying to get Elena is!


I think this wa a good come back episode!

The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Damon: Elena's phone?
Stefan: Where is she?!?

Elena: This is kidnapping.
Damon: That's a little mellodramatic, don't you think?