24 Review: Tick... Tick... Snooze!

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Raise your hand if you were on edge over the conclusion of last night's 24 episode? Anyone? Anyone at all?

Every season, viewers accept the fact that there's gonna be at least one B storyline that pales in comparison to the main plot. Typically, it at least comes together in some way, and we suppose this year is no exception, considering Cole's absence led to Jack agreeing to stick around until CTU's mission is complete.

But the Dana-was-a-felon-and-is-now-somehow-a-CTU-analyst-desperate-to-keep-her-past-a-secret plot has received more air time than any secondary plot in memory, while making far less sense.

This week's episode resulted in the culmination of the threat to Dana's identity, as she and Cole confronted Kevin and his quiet friend. One thing led to another, the pal stabbed Kevin and then went after Cole and Dana. At this point, we actually did think Dana would be killed because Katee Sackhoff has signed on for a new pilot.

That would have been preferable: at least Dana's death would give Cole some serious covering up and grieving to do. Instead, he simply shot this dude dead and the clock stopped ticking with he and Dana surrounded by two dead bodies.

Hard to get worked up over their situation when there's a nuclear bomb in play, isn't there?

Chloe and Renee

Back at CTU, we liked the development of Rob Weiss and Hastings both needing a scapegoat in order to save their jobs. For once, some shady CTU business didn't involve a mole, but simply a realistic depiction of higher-ups shoving the blame for failure elsewhere.

It would have been nice to have seen this play out longer, to have watched Renee actually get taken in, forcing Jack to fight for his country's safety AND his new girlfriend (yes, his girlfriend. He meant those words as they sounded... sigh.)

Instead, Renee appears to be out of danger, as Jack made the decision everyone knew he'd soon arrive at:
screw Kim and my adorable granddaughter, the world needs me!

We really do love 24, but we've wished for years that it would return to an overall plot reminiscent of season one. Millions of lives don't need to be at stake to create drama. Remember the threat on Palmer's life? Remember the threat to those African children in the 24 movie? Those were great examples of how the storyline can remain tight and still intriguing.

Last night, it was difficult not to roll our eyes over yet another nuclear threat on U.S. soil. When the rods are eventually captured around the mid-season mark and the show shifts to a new danger, we hope it's more contained.

Our other complaint about this week's episode? No Hassan. Come on, 24. At least give us something about this paranoid foreign president and his incredible hair each week. It's a new, interesting character.

What do you think, readers? Are we being too harsh on the show? Does the nuclear threat not feel recycled to you and are you invested in the Dana storyline? Or, like us right now, are you itching for a game-changer?


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Matt richenthal

I somehow doubt most 24 fans would agree that an "annoying subplot" is what makes the show great. That's just... silly.
The series has proven, in the examples I used in my review, that is can focus its narrative in a much tighter way. Look at the Africa movie. Look at season one. Ratings have been going down and I challenge all readers to find me a critic that enjoys this season. It's been panned across the board. I don't wanna see it end and would like to see the show go back to its simpler roots instead of just recycling the same plots every single season.


Gosh, you guys really HATE 24 this season. I think it's amazing as always. Yes, there's always going to be "the rods", "the canisters", "the files", or something of that nature, but that's just a part of what makes this show so great. Yes, the Dana subplot is annoying, but once again, that's part of what makes 24 great. There's always going to be an annoying subplot. I think it's to help build up tension. Please don't be so hard on 24!!!

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