Calling All Swedish Vikings: True Blood Casting for Eric's Father

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Yesterday, True Blood announced the casting of one of its most important new roles:

Brit Morgan will portray Debbie Pelt, the psychotic ex of werewolf Alcide.

But HBO hit isn't done adding to its already-impressive cast. This week, the network sent out a casting notice for Eric's father. Named Ulfrick, he's a Swedish viking king in his late 40s or early 50s and his face is covered in battle scars.

Angry Eric

The show will flash back to 900 A.D. to depict scenes between Ulfrick and his son, most of which will take place in Swedish.

Any actors come to mind for this role?

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Yes, Mj is right. I'm from Sweden and love the show, and to bring in one of swedens most popular "father and son" in the seres will be just fracking AWSOME!!! Stellan ska spela Sveriges Vikingakung!!!


Stellan is the obvious choice! Besides, just like his son--he's HOT!


i LOVE Eric. I definetly want him to be with Sookie.


Hell yes, a nice touch if Stellan would grace us with his appearence on the show. Of course keep in mind that he mostly acts in or directs blockbusters or serious movies, like King Arthur, and usually co-acts with major filmstars, like in MamaMia with Colin Firth and Maryl Streep...


His real father is an actor, and is also a good actor. His father should play his father on True Blood. It would be really nice to see father and son act together!!!


Dolph Lundgren!!!! Even in his early 50s! Perfect


How about Alex Skarsgard's real papa, Stellan Skarsgard? That'd be pretty neat.

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