Caprica Review: "The Reins of a Waterfall"

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This week's episode of Caprica, "The Reins of a Waterfall" seemed to be mostly about introducing us to new characters and setting future episodes of this increasingly more developed series.

As far as actual events of the episode, all we really had was Zoe finding a way back into the holostream, stealing Avatar Tamara in the process.  This, of course, led to a very upset Jospeh, who now believes his daughter to be gone.  After the threat made at the end of the episode, you better believe we're tuning in next week.

While there were plenty of other developments, including learning more about Sister Clarice and the Soldiers of the One, meeting Samuel's partner, seeing Joseph pissing off a judge, and of course Agent Durham's office getting their much desired warrant, we can't help but feel too much of this was development.

Clarice and Lacy

We also enjoyed meeting the new characters, especially the Jon Stewart of the twelve worlds, Baxter Sarno (Patton Oswalt) and can't wait to tune in for when Daniel makes his appearance.  Come on, Priyah, do your job and convince our man!

We're hoping after all this time invested this week, we're treated to some real action when the show returns in two weeks.  Overall it was still a great episode and continues to flesh out the world of Caprica.  Be sure and check out our Caprica quotes after the jump.

Sarno: Daniel Graystone's biography is titled "The Man Who Could See The Future," the sequel will be called "Wow, I Didn't See That Coming." | permalink
Daniel: San we talk?
Sam: Sure, I like to talk... about my niece Tamara. She's dead because you raised a terrorist. | permalink
Joseph [to Sam]: Daniel Greystone lost his daughter, right? I lost my daughter and my wife. Balance it out. | permalink
Zoe: I never thought I'd be so happy to be back here in my own virtual skin. | permalink


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