Caprica Season 1

"Ghosts in the Machine"

This week's episode is titled "Ghosts in the Machine." It's the eighth installment of season one.

"The Imperfections of Memory"

This episode of Caprica is titled "The Imperfections of Memory." It's the seventh installment of the first season.

"Know Thy Enemy"

On this week's episode, Daniel faces a rival. The installment is titled "Know Thy Enemy."

Mr. Adama
"There is Another Sky"

This episode is titled "There is Another Sky." During the hour, Tamara befriends others in the virtual world.


This week's episode is titled "Gravedancing." Ready for a rundown of events from it?

"The Reins of a Waterfall"

The title of this episode is "The Reins of a Waterfall." It's the third-ever installment of Caprica.

Caprica Promo Pic

This is the second-ever episode of Caprica. It's titled "Rebirth."


This is the first-ever episode of Caprica. We meet two key, dueling families during the opening installment.

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