Fringe Review: "Jacksonville"

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We just LOVE Fringe and are a bit disappointed this is the last episode for a few months.   What will entertain us on Thursdays nights?  Oh wait… there is that new Fox show, Past Life, starting next week!

This week’s episode, "Jacksonville," left us satisfied but ready for more.  We feel terrible for Agent Dunham, seeing the terror she felt as a child being experimented on.  We really hope Walter’s intentions were good.  He claimed that he was trying to help the children “become more”, really without the concern of children. Olivia really let him have it, even going as far as saying he abused children! 

Dunham travels back to Jacksonville, the place where the tests were performed on her.  Can you imagine what it must have been like living on this compound and being experimented on daily?  The site was a bit on the creepy side, definitely a place for nightmares. 

Past vs. Present

We can now finally be sure Peter is from the Other Side, since Olivia can see his glow using her powers.  We look forward to seeing if anything develops romantically between Peter and Olivia.  Couldn’t the writers just let the two of them kiss???  I was screaming at the TV in pure frustration! 

Now the only thing standing in their way might be the fact that Dunham knows Peter is from the alternate universe.  This could put a damper on her feelings, definitely complicate things.  We hope she gets past it and falls head over heals in love with Peter.  We know… this isn’t the show for all that mushy love stuff.  One can only hope, right?

We wonder if Agent Dunham has any more powers bestowed upon her by Walter.  We learned that when she was little; she was able to start a fire with her thoughts, now that is frightening! 

We can’t wait to learn more about the alternate universe storyline when Fringe returns in a few months.  Until then, Fringe will be missed!

We leave you with a few of our favorite Fringe quotes from this week:

Dunham: I already know what happened, two universes colliding. This is what William Bell warned me about. | permalink
Walter: The drugs are working fast; perhaps it was the right arm.
Peter: What? | permalink
Dunham: What the hell is wrong with you? You did this to little children?
Walter: We should get to work. | permalink
Dunham: You abused us Walter, me and those other children.
Walter: No, we were trying to help you. We were trying to make you more than you were. | permalink

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I can't wait for Fringe to be back on! Mainly because I can't wait to see what and if anything develops between Olivia and Peter - but, I have to say, I really enjoyed Past Life last night!


I'm with Chandler...


Hey, how about this theory on the misspelling...TV embraces as well as contributes to illiteracy.


Greg, thanks for the explanation of the spelling of Manhattan (Manhatan instead of Manhattan for the alternate universe.) Lynne


talk about screaming in! why wont they just let peter and olivia kiss, now we have to wait 2 months for further developments! haha...neways it was a great winter finale, i guess ill just have to go fish for some patience while waiting...


"Manhatan" is NYC in the alternate universe.


Fringe is one of my favorite shows. I noticed in last night's episode (Jacksonvile) (Feb. 4th) in one of the the very beginning scenes the word Manhattan was misspelled. It was spelled Manhatan. Why is this>

Fringe Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Dunham: It's too late. I failed, I failed and I'm supposed to be the one who can stop things like this.
Peter: I've never met anyone who can do the things that you do.
Dunham: Peter, I'm scared.

I guess it's safe to say you have the rest of the night off work.