Gillian Zinser Promoted to Series Regular on 90210

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Congratulations are in order for Gillian Zinser. The actress has been promoted to series regular on 90210.

Zinser debuted on the show toward the end of 2009. We thought her character's introduction and subsequent love/hate relationship with Liam felt forced, but Ivy eventually settled into her role on the series.

She now makes for the ideal foil for Naomi, as a promo for the second half of the season makes it look like as though these two aren't done fighting over Liam. Not one bit.

Are you happy Zinser is now a regular part of the 90210 cast? Do you wanna see Ivy or Naomi end up with Liam? Sound off now!

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like ivy... she's cool, maybe not wif liam tho =/
liam iz a bit of a girl, why is he so hung up on naomi? - just get on wif iit - like a real guy!!!


Ivy is a big bore. Naomi and Liam should end up together -- at least for awhile. They should just give her a little bit of range and she'd be a great character.


NAomi is a fucking bitch shes so anoying, Ivy is cool as hell, soo happy she is staying !!! Cant wait for Ivy\Dixon


I love Ivy!!! Her and Liam totally work together. They seem more comaptible and... normal. Haha Naomi's too crazy and she acts like a 20 something year old floozy


what the fuck !
no fucking way did they promote this forty year old looking bitch to series regular .. what the fuck are they thinking ?
besides don't they already have enough "i'm way to old to be in high school regulars" cast in this show .. FUCK MY LIFE !!!!!


STOP REFFERING IVY TO LIAM !!! SHE'S GOING TO GET OVER HIM VERY QUICKLY, AND DATE DIXON! I love Ivy, she's my fav character but I dont want her and liam to be together


LIAM and NAOMI!!! they are like the "Dylan and Kelly" of 2010... meant to be. I could live without Ivy on the show. Her congested-sounding voice is annoying.


no way i want liam & naomi together! they're meant to be! no annie. no ivy. NAOMI!!!!!!


I love Ivy, she's so much better than Naomi and can act better as well. IVY & LIAM DEFINITELY.


Ivy is cool as hell, Naomi is a stupid , spoiled brat GILLIAN ZINSER YOU ARE GREAT :D

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.