Grey's Anatomy Review: "The Time Warp"

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Not even the most brilliant surgeon is born with the skills, perspective or fortitude to make it to the top. There is always a defining experience that propels them to the next level.

Thursday night on Grey's Anatomy, Bailey, Richard and Callie reflected the cases that helped make them the doctors they are today through a series of flashback sequences.

Gimmicky as it sounded on paper, it really worked for the most part. Click here for our recap (plus quotes and music) from last night. Below is our review of "The Time Warp" ...

45 DAYS SOBER: We open in the present with the Chief talking about his group of residents at an AA meeting. He's 45 days sober, but will not be reinstated. At least not yet.

Derek tells him it'll be a while before the board will consider that, and he's been authorized to offer him a general surgery attending position instead. Richard is not happy.

Still, he agrees to participate in Derek's newly-instituted lecture series in which the surgeons will share stories about some of their most significant cases. His involves Ellis.

The Chief's story may have been our favorite, as the case itself was compelling, we got to see what younger Ellis Grey was like, and it tied in beautifully with his current struggles.

Addressing His Audience

The Chief gets a well-deserved standing ovation.

In 1982, Richard was the only African-American resident in the program and Ellis the only woman. They both take their share of abuse and formed an immediate bond over that.

Richard and Ellis clearly fell for each other but struggled with their affair, as she wanted was for them to leave their marriages and be together. We even got to see little Meredith.

They work on a patient they think has GRID (Gay Related Immune Deficiency, later called AIDS), and the patient threatens to sue. Their attending wants nothing to do with this.

The patient later ends up back there with complications from Kaposi's Sarcoma, and while they had no idea what caused his disease or how it spread, they operated anyway.

They were there when he drew his last breath after suffering complications from pneumonia, too. Because that's just what you do, fulfilling the oath to do right by the patient.

You have to persevere, no matter how you might lose your way. He certainly knows about that, as back then, the straight arrow started down the road to full-blown alcoholism.

In the end, Richard retakes the Physician's Oath from the stage, and it's an inspiring moment, more profound than any statement or traditional apology could ever have been.

OH, MANDY: Who would have guessed that back in her intern year, 2003, at Seattle Grace, Miranda "Mandy" Bailey was soft-spoken and quiet, with long braids and pink glasses.

She also had a resident (guest star Missy Pyle) who was nothing short of evil.

It was funny to watch the 2010 Bailey, the consummate chief resident and leader, recount her case and see the dramatic shift in personality juxtaposed with her passive intern self.

Seven years ago, Bailey had a patient with chronic pain who had been through many surgeries, including having her ovaries removed. Nothing worked. Her diagnoses were wrong.

"Surgery is a shark tank," the Chief tells her. Will she be a shark or a minnow?

The next time the patient comes back, Mandy cancels her surgery, incurring the wrath of her resident but diagnosing it correctly and saving the patient one more painful ordeal.

She stood tall in the face of adversity, and taught us that the patient's history is the most important part of any diagnosis. Then came the moment Bailey as we know her was born.

When she told off her resident, we couldn't help but exchange high-fives.

Younger Bailey

Mandy proved that a patient's history is everything.

REVISIONIST HISTORY: Callie's flashback was interesting in that it took place in the Grey's Anatomy era - Alex assists her during his intern year, when she wasn't on the show yet.

Sunder, a graduate student whose legs had been twisted and his lungs damaged by polio as a kid, is pushed to the brink by grueling pain and surgeries, while pushing Callie to hers.

Sometimes that's what it takes to get you where you need to go, though. Callie does a remarkable job during one surgery, but is forced to end it because of the patient's weak lungs.

Yet he's willing to move forward, and because of that, so is she. They end up doing a series of surgeries that are incredibly grueling for the poor patient, but he ends up walking.

Once again, moving stuff. Gives you a lot of respect for surgeons' resolve!

On a lighter note, Callie mistook Alex for George, having heard about the latter's heart-in-the-elevator expertise. Alex doesn't correct her, and karma comes back to bite him hard.

When the patient crashes and she needs him to work on his heart, the jig is up on Karev. Not that it stopped him from getting with her in her homey, hospital basement crash pad.

Remember when she lived down there? Alex and Callie, who knew?!


  • We thought the flashback guest stars were well cast. Did you?
  • Which of the three blasts from the past was your favorite?
  • We would have enjoyed a Mark or Cristina flashback.
  • The soundtrack wasn't half bad!

What did you think of last night's Grey's Anatomy?


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Please do not try to go to to a hospital where the chief of surgery is an or no rehab.we lived that life.believe me not even remotly thinckable.and from first hand a chief of surgery can have a life with children and friends. please no more reruns. It is for all my children.....thanks for letting the fans share alittle bit of their personal experience


The young Ellis Grey had brown eyes and the old Ellis Grey had blue eyes. That could be easily solved with some contact lenses. This is like in the first series when they never kept the same lockers for each resident. Meredith had a different locker in each episode (they used the locker which was fitting better for the scene). Please be more careful to the details. This was just a remrk.
Plase more Meredith and Dereck scenes!


Loved the episode, especially the younger Miranda...
Ellis Grey's eyes were wrong though... I'm pretty sure they were green on the firsts episodes :P


Mari - are they really going to pursue that? I mean I would like that but lately I was also liking the idea of maybe hooking up Jackson and Lexie. I feel like I am cheating on my 2nd favorite couple Lexie and Sloan...


Did you notice that was Jackson Avery who started the stand ovation to Richard in the end?
I would like if he’s his son, Meredith’s half-brother!


That episode was epic. My absolute favorite part was Richard's giving the physician's oath up there, that was such a beautiful end. It really made me think back on some of the cases that have been on Grey's over the past couple of seasons, and showed the Chief in such an interesting light. Really, really well written. I liked Callie's story; it's in keeping with her character to get really determined and passionate about cases; remember when her patient died, and she said "I built his bones" and started crying? She's an intensely strong character, but also a conflicted and vulnerable one sometimes, and it's intriguing to see the break between the confident and personable surgeon she is at SGH, and the insecurities she faces as a public speaker/in her personal life. The more I see of her, the more I like her character-it is so well crafted and well rounded. Ellis and Richard's story seemed really authentic, and the characters were very well cast.


to concerned....I am not getting any. Not sure what's going on with yours. Don't you have the pop ups blocked?


Why am I getting so many 'pop up' ads now this fan site has moved?


Ok about the cast I think best ones were Tatcher and little Mer. Chief and Ellis not so much. I did love Mandy and it is interesting to see how she is now like her resident. The only difference is that hers did not listen to interns and she did. I am definitely tired about Alex sexual advances to most females in the show, I think he may be close to breaking Marks record...I did not miss him and although I did think about him while watching I was stunned to see that I totally forgot about Owen and Teddy until I read about them here. I was also very surprised to discover that Ellis is the one that pretty much started Richard into drinking...I wonder how Mer would react. I think for now he will take the job Der is offering, he needs to prove he can handle it. A thing that I need you all to clarify is why are people questioning about Mer stepmom and step-sister that is either in the army or married to a soldier, why is this important? Also I need to know if anyone knows if they will "explore" the possibility of Jax being the love child of Ellis and Richard.


As far as the episode was concerned, I was a bit apprehensious when I heard the idea, but ended up loving it. One of the biggest draws for me, however, was not the regular doctors, but the GRID patient. Such a wonderful, brutally wonderful I should clarify, portrayal of the realities of the disease and the mentalities surrounding it in the early eighties. The writers and producers of Grey’s have, for the most part, done a wonderful job of putting positive and realistic images of the lgbtq community into the media in my humble opinion. I must admit, however, that I am a bit uneasy with tvfanatic’s recap of the episode, with the line “(he) later ends up back there with complications from Kaposi's Sarcoma, and while they had no idea what caused his disease or how it spread…� The unknown “disease� here is AIDS. Kaposi’s Sarcoma was one of the most common AIDS defining illnesses; one of the most visible and common secondary illnesses to show up once the immune system is compromised/suppressed. His Kaposi’s Sarcoma and Pneumocystis were the result of AIDS, not other diseases of unknown origins.

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