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Did anyone catch the diagnosis that Bailey gave the girl? Para something or other maybe?


Just a quick question. Anyone know where Mark was this episode???


I enjoyed all of the show until we found out Alex slept with Callie, dang he really gets around! Plus, during that time, wasn't he trying to be with Izzie.....well guess he never cared to be a sleazy cheater...I'm a die hard Alex/Izzie fan and I have really loved Karev but sleeping with Lexie twice now and finding out about Callie just turns me off so bad!!
Other then that GREAT SHOW!! still miss Izzie :)


Mandy turned into Bailey.
Richard's drinking was pushed by Ellis.
Alex and Callie slept together.
My favorite?
ALL OF THEM! Hey, did you notice Arizona's look she gave Alex when Callie said, "Oh, we celebrated."? I think she figured it out. Who knew the start of Richard's drinking was with Ellis! I always thought because of the rocky things in his life. That's part of it. I loved Mandy! She turned into Bailey in just three months! Dr. Baylow kept pushing her. ;) She's not a minnow anymore. SHE'S A SHARK!


Ellis lead richard to drinking. who guess but who really likes ellis any way


1 - We thought the flashback guest stars were well cast. Did you?
Richard, Thatcher and little Meredith, great. Ellis no: she must have iced blue eyes.

2 - Which of the three blasts from the past was your favorite?
None of them. Richard and Ellis’ case was about fear and not being a superhero. Bailey was about do an accurate patient history. We learned that in the pilot with Meredith and the girl who did rhythmic gymnastic. Callie’s was about don’t quit. Nothing new at all. Not about medical cases. The flashbacks were good to show the past, people relationships, etc.

3 - We would have enjoyed a Mark or Cristina flashback.
In this same way? No


There were some pretty good moments, like watching Bailey become Bailey, but as for the casting on the flashback characters, I didn't really love the Ellis and Richard characters. Thatcher was believable, and Mer was adorable, but I am not sure about Ellis and Richard. As for Alex & Callie? Wow! Very Interesting....I think that current day Richard was VERY powerful and moving in this episode. But I think my favorite moment of the whole show was when Bailey thumped Cristina in the head with candy for not paying attention. LMAO!

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