Grey's Anatomy Scoop on Katherine Heigl, Alex's Brother & More

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There's been plenty of drama to keep us occupied in her absence, but with the second half of the season in full swing, Grey's Anatomy fans are wondering about Katherine Heigl.

What is her status? Is she ever returning to the show? When she is back, will she just leave at the end of the season? According to EW, she’s due back on set later this month.

That means we probably won’t see Izzie again until late April, and coincidentally, that’s right around the time a new, special patient will check into Seattle Grace: Alex’s brother.

Sources say Grey’s Anatomy is currently casting the role of Karev’s estranged sibling - the first member of the character's supposedly troubled family we will meet in six seasons.

Izzie and Alex Reunite

The next round of Izzie-Alex drama should be particularly interesting.

There's some ugly family history, from what we've gathered, including an abusive dad, and it will be fun to see the character of Alex (one of our recent favorites) further explored.

Speaking of Grey’s Anatomy comings and goings, the Mercy West residents look to be sticking around ... well, at least some of them. One will definitely not be back next season.

A source says one of the four newbies introduced earlier in the year has already received his/her walking papers from the show and will exit SGMWH before the end of the season.

Any idea which one it is? Thought's on Izzie's (latest) return?

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Curious who will play bro to Alex. I for one would be impressed seeing the likes of Mark Ruffalo, good match in characters.


To Crowena, it wasn't Molly who died it was Meredith's stepmother Susan (Lexie and Molly's mother). That's why Lexie went to Seattle Grace to find out why her mother died, Susan died from the hiccups, and Thatcher blamed Meredith for her death, Susan and Meredith were getting to know each other after the death of Ellis Grey. Molly is still overseas with her army husband, Meredith called her Holly and not Molly when Thatcher needed a liver transplant and Lexie wasn't a match and Meredith donated a piece of her liver.
To the other comments I too would love to see Derek's other sister's we have meet Nancy, Derek mentioned Katherine is the Psychologist in the family to Nancy when they were having a heated discussion.
What about Bailey I'm sure she would have siblings.


I really could care less whether Izzie ever came back. I don't miss her. At all. She doesn't bring anything to the show anymore and the cast is overcrowded as it is. On Alex's Brother, I'm really intrigued. I cannot WAIT to meet a member of his family. He does indeed have a dark past, I want to learn more about it.


I love Izzie and I love A/I. I agree that the writers turned her character into someone she's not this season. I hate how they are trying to make her like the bad guy in all of this.. and I especially hated how when she came back for the second time, Alex's patient was obviously supposed to be symbolic of Izzie and how she treated him so badly... okay, she left for awhile... but really, she had just been through absolute hell... and it's only natural for her to need to figure thinkgs out. And it's not like Alex had always treated her perfectly either. It just bothers me how all of a sudden they're making her out to be this huge bitch when she really is a great person.


I love IZzie and i miss her!!! Alex and her need to pull it together.... Finally one of alex family members we really dont know that much about him


YAY! I am sooo excited to see a member of Alex's family. For some reason, I always thought he was an only child.. but oh well =D I am excited that Izzie is coming back. I defs feel that some fans need to separate KH from her character. As for the Mercy Westers... I'm not sure. Maybe Reed or Charles? I hate those two so bad. And they're quite... well, useless. Especially Charles. Won't be missing either of them if they go!


six years ago, GA was definetely the highlight of my week. Esp. season 2 which was heartwarming at best and funny esp with Mer, Cristina, Alex, Izzie and George. One my fav character would be Izzie during that time, love the scene where she admitted to a patient that she had a daughter and got it adopted. heartbreaking at that. season 3 was ok, well it earned her an emmy guys. season 4 and the first few seasons of 5 was kinda eh because the writers obviously are kinda up to somethin' (yeah, yeah, ghost denny sex and all.!). KH is fine acctress, if she's a bitch, who care, everybody is a bitch in there own way. (i LOL'd at that)Glad she's back, but please stop doin' the out-of-the-character storyline and way too rehashed and stupid storylines.


I think your all getting used to her not being there. The episodes might be good, but i hate loosing cast members who have gone through the whole of GA to just be wrote off poorly. KH, might not be every one's cup of tea but the character Izzie i find is quite important. I love Alex when he is with Izzie, the only person he seem's to lighten up to. The marriage will take time and progress but i think it will be worked upon. You got to give Izzie a chance, she's had, i find the worst stories throughout GA. She could make a good impact. She could come back being the Izzie i loved and adored in Season 1 and two when she was with Alex, before Denny. i hope she comes back. I miss her and the way Alex is when they are together.


Agree with everything you said anuflas!! I can't see how Izzie is going to return to everything.. to Alex and Meredith after she left or how they are fixing their marriage! I feel sorry for the wedding that was ruined to A/I and Meredith and Derek only got the post it! That make me so angry. And Mer should definetly kick everyone from their house or built the house on the land.. it will be more wierd now, the Chief of Surgery living with his staff!


Truth to be told, the writers gave a SL to KH, so she'd be able to take her time for her movie and later maternity leave. The character had to suffer some of its likability so that she could take the amount of time wanted. I'm no fan of KH. I can't say I love her movies either. However, I've disliked Izzie since the series premiere. I've never liked her and it's not going to change, so I am displeased (although expected) with her return but I agree that her character needs closure. I can't see how she can return from the mess she did. Broke Alex's and Mer's heart. That being said, PLEASE let Izzie stay at another house. And Alex's brother in a hotel. Or have Derek pull out the house plans because I can't take more strays at Casa Grey.

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