Grey's Anatomy Scoop on Katherine Heigl, Alex's Brother & More

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There's been plenty of drama to keep us occupied in her absence, but with the second half of the season in full swing, Grey's Anatomy fans are wondering about Katherine Heigl.

What is her status? Is she ever returning to the show? When she is back, will she just leave at the end of the season? According to EW, she’s due back on set later this month.

That means we probably won’t see Izzie again until late April, and coincidentally, that’s right around the time a new, special patient will check into Seattle Grace: Alex’s brother.

Sources say Grey’s Anatomy is currently casting the role of Karev’s estranged sibling - the first member of the character's supposedly troubled family we will meet in six seasons.

Izzie and Alex Reunite

The next round of Izzie-Alex drama should be particularly interesting.

There's some ugly family history, from what we've gathered, including an abusive dad, and it will be fun to see the character of Alex (one of our recent favorites) further explored.

Speaking of Grey’s Anatomy comings and goings, the Mercy West residents look to be sticking around ... well, at least some of them. One will definitely not be back next season.

A source says one of the four newbies introduced earlier in the year has already received his/her walking papers from the show and will exit SGMWH before the end of the season.

Any idea which one it is? Thought's on Izzie's (latest) return?

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Hi CrowenaFTW! Actually, Molly is Meredith's other half sister. According to Lexie she lives in Saudi Arabia with her husband who's in the Military. The person you're thinking of who had the hiccups and died of sepsis is Susan - Thatcher's late wife. Hope this is helpful!


I don't have anything against Katherine Heigl, it's Izzie I don't like this season. And it's not the writers' fault that Izzie is gone all the time - Katherine Heigl is out doing her own thing so they had to write around that. Like CoH said, Izzie either needs to come back for a decent period of time and not be a psychobitch or they need to get rid of her.
Though I have to say I've never really liked Izzie, I liked Izzie and George's friendship but I've never been a huge fan of her. So I totally haven't missed her at all, but I'd like some closure as to what's up with her character.


Izzie is a great character. She has been for five seasons. The writers gave her a very (in my opinion) misguided storyline for season 6 and this dramatically changed her element within the show. (making her act crazy again, writing her out of the picture in a very slapdash fashion) Her character isn't quite the same this season for the reasons mentioned and I think most people aren't happy about it either. I make no assumptions about Katherine Heigl, the actress who plays Izzie Stevens. I don't know how she is in real life, nor does that really affect the show or her character. The only thing I'm annoyed and upset by is the changing (for the worse) of a key character that has been on the show since day one. It's the combination of her not being herself, and her not BEING THERE at all. If we knew she'd be back for good in season 7 it might be different. I think it's the uncertainty that's bothering people, at least that's what it is for me. I hope they bring back the Izzie Stevens we know and love, or find a sensible way to end her storyline in the show for good. Hoping for the best...


Izzie will prabobly hook up with Alex's brother :( Or somebody else will...


Ok, like someone said, I really got tired of Izzie when she started the whole dead Denny thing. She has not been on the show this season, the show has been awesome without her, there is no need for her. Sorry, that is how I feel. As far as what Mercy-Wester character is leaving? I think if Der brought this girl back may be because they plan something with her so it would not be her. I do not think it is Jax as he is too involve in the show now and people like him and he has good chemistry with other actors. Reed? I can see her in the show next season. The only one that dropped out and we have not seen much is the tall guy with black hair that got Izzie fired, I do no like him and do not mind if he is a goner in the show!

Mumbles cit

crowenaFTW -that is molly's mom


Yay for Alex's brother. Not so much about Izzie. Seriously, the show has been great without her. Why mess with that? I think that NoseDive and the Reed chick are going out soon. Not many people are too fond of them. I'm also on board for the rest of the Shepherd family. I can even take Mark's parents. I want a NYC episode with the two of them and their families.


Nosedive is leaving he is the one who has had less attention, probably they will discover that he sabotaged Izzie's patient so Izzie would get fired. That would be so awesome that way they would bring Izzie back.


I for one miss Izzie and am Super exited by the report that she will be back AND that we get to explore Ale's character futher. I


FINALLY we get to see a member of Alex's family! We've seen at least one family member of every other member of the original 5 Interns except Alex... So I'm really glad that we finally find out more about Alex's past! :) Glad Izzie is returning soon too. I really don't like how they dealt with her second departure, especially since it resulted in Alex sleeping with someone else every week! Ugh. I'm hoping they start to work out their marriage too. I don't need the show to deliberately emphasise the A/I relationship either. I just want Alex and Izzie to work things out properly for once. I'm guessing that the storyline about Alex's brother might involve Izzie too. Wonder how they will write that one out though. Looks interesting so I can't wait for that! I'm also hoping Katie Heigl won't leave Grey's Anatomy. We already lost George (who happened to be one of my favourites) and if we permanently lose Izzie (who is my favourite character) I'll be really sad. :( As for the Mercy Westers, I hope that it's either Reed or Charles who leaves. The two of them are the ones who annoy me the most. April and Jackson can stay, as can Ben aka Gas Man; they look like they have interesting storylines that can be developed. Charles and Reed on the other hand are just really pathetic and annoying.

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