Heroes Sneak Peeks: "Brave New World'

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After a long - some might refer to it as "utterly torturous" - season, Heroes finally concludes next week.

On the episode "Brave New World," Samuel finally does... something. So NBC claims, at least. It seems just as likely that he'll merely threaten to do something, as has been the case all season long.

We'll believe actual action when we see it, as Claire warns the carnival about their supposedly evil-intentioned leader in the clip below:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/heroes-season-finale-clip/" title="Heroes Season Finale Clip"] [/video]

As always, we'll recap and review the installment soon after it airs. We can only hope to inspire the same sort of lively debate that this week's rundown created.

Below, check out a clip of another character from the season finale. We think his name is Hiro, but we can't be certain. We haven't seen him in so long...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/brave-new-world-clip/" title="Brave New World Clip"] [/video]

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My biggest fear is that they end the show without a lot of things explained. It wouldn't be the first time that a series that started out as popular, would end. I like Heroes, however NBC is doing a lot of crap lately. There's actually hope for this series. Continue to use Samuel, resurrect one of the past villains (its not a mad idea, since everything is possible in powers)and INNOVATE. I never see a MAJOR villain that was a female, for instance. Sure some of the girls aren't good girls, however they never used a woman as the main antagonist. In fact one thing that maddens me about Heroes is that they are rather anti-female leads. Sure they have Claire, however her power is just defensive and most times she's just helpless. The typical damsel in distress. Come to think about it, the most powerful characters are all Male. Arrange a female character that is actually a threat. Turn a good guy into a bad guy (since apparently Sylar is Gabriel again). There are tons of things they can do. If they do a new series of Heroes, I'm almost sure it will be the final season, where the evolved humans are going to be persecuted because of Claire's actions and then all the bad guys are going to die and the favourite good ones will save the world again.


You know M.L House with the amount of posts that I have written I have officially succomb to realization that Heroes is Disappointing. I cant even defend it anymore, my heart is not into writing a defense. I dont know any other show that both Reveals a Sinister Plot and attempt to foil it all in one episode. Maybe 24 but thats why its called "24". I am just disgusted by the writing, character development, and progress of this show. Samuel had so much potential and the season started out great. Why was their no progression after the new year Hiatus.. Its complete utter BullSHIT. Why NBC, why Kring Administration, this was your ONLYYY Emmy Nominated show and you let it fall through the cracks. I dont know what comics you NBC people are reading (probably PEANUTS, or GUMBY) to get your ideas but its definitely not anything Modern or remotely close to this ganra. Ill watch the last episode but man Kring Administration you really had a good chance to turn things around. You need to be replaced "IMMEDIATELY".


When the hell is Hiro gonna become a badass samurai with his katana that brandishes the infamous S genetic symbol that supposedly connects them all together? He already got the training to fight and he already fought with that Adam West dude for the rights to his tumor! Is he just gonna come back to being the same old idiot that bumbles around annoying the shit out of poor Ando? Is Peter going to get control of his powers? This one power thing is really boring! WTF happened to Mika? He was hands down the best character when they created him to be "Rebel." As for the recent episode: "F&$@ the Wall!"


Matt's actions/reactions actually make sense. Why don't they use that character more? Mind Reading/control is a lot more interesting than a lot of the other powers on the show.

Matt richenthal

@drsw36: I'm confused by the question. Don't all my reviews list the reasons Heroes is so terrible? Illogical plots, repetitive, boring characters, etc...
But are you trying to argue that Heroes is downloaded often... and therefore doesn't suck? First, as that article states: the poll is misleading b/c it doesn't track a show's season, only its most popular episodes. Six million people could have downloaded one Heroes episode. What does that prove?
Secondly, it says a lot more about the show that you need to find some random downloaded poll from some random site to back up your point. Can you not find a mainstream critic that has anything positive to say?
But most importantly... okay, people download Heroes. That means I can't give it negative reviews? I'm a TV critic. This is my job and I'm not charging you a penny to read my opinion.

Matt richenthal

Yes, there were three of us on the Round Table before, but the other two dropped out because they couldn't handle the show any longer.
I changed my moniker b/c I now cover more shows than just Heroes. Thanks for the interest.


I like how I deaf girl who can see color is supposed to be the one killing all these people... with a cello. Seriously, lamest power ever -- I could drop acid and do that! who knows though, maybe future Peter will come back and shoot them before they can reveal what they do!


Ok so i really liked heroes after i started watching mid second season, and i was hooked and have been a loyal fan since. I really feel like Heroes needs to change dramatically its appeal by next year or there will not be a next season, it comes down to the producers and executives listening to the feedback by fans and making a change. I really hope they do. I love Heroes!


Season 1 = great... 2 = ok ... 3 = meh, at least a few good ones here and there... 4 = DonkeyPoop... I don't think there has been one good, nevermind great episode. Seriously, those who still think Heroes is great are truely blind fan boys. I hope they end the misery and don't bring it back for another season (unless they fire all the writers and get some new ones who actually can think and write).


on season 5 if its the series can you put Sylar and Claire together and let Gretchen leave i really dont want her and Claire together.

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[after teleporting to NYC] Yatta! Hello New York!

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