Julie Benz Speaks on Extended Desperate Housewives Run

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Fans of Dexter were sad to bid farewell to Julie Benz: her character of Rita was killed off the Showtime drama to conclude season four.

But that show's loss in ABC's gain, as Benz has made an immediate impression on Desperate Housewives as a lesbian stripper named Robin.

Originally signed for just three episodes, the actress has seen her run on this series extended indefinitely. She'll also soon see herself making out with Katherine, a development confirmed by previous Desperate Housewives spoilers.

"There's some very sexy stuff that goes on," Benz told TV Guide. "Robin meets everyone on Wisteria Lane and her arrival causes trouble on the lane in an indirect manner."

Cozy Characters

As is often the case when female characters kiss, Desperate Housewives must deal with questions about this being nothing more than a ratings stunt. What makes this storyline unique from make-out sessions on other shows?

"It is different because there is a relationship developing out of it," Benz told Afterellen.com, going into detail about Robin's connection to Dana Delany's character:

"Katherine has had quite a history of dating men that haven't turned out to be very good for her. I think the question you have to ask yourself in real life is, if you connect with somebody, why let gender, religion or race get in the way. I think that's the struggle, the challenge that she has."

Desperate Housewives returns with a new episode on February 21.

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It's great to see such a hit series as Desperate Housewives develop a non-traditional theme. I've never watched the show regularly, but I tuned in this week to see the plot develop between Katherine and Robin. My novel, Seeking Sara Summers, has a very similar storyline: a woman unhappy with her marriage and searching for a more authentic life, who never considered "barking up that tree," now considers expanding her universe! Susan Gabriel
author of Seeking Sara Summers (another Desperate Housewife)


thanks ml house - oh well Europe doesnt care for the SuperBowl thing, so I didnt know it was because of that.

Matt richenthal

Correct. Nothing new aired against the Super Bowl on network TV.


So there was no episode last Sunday (Feb 7th)???

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