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It was the major question heading into last night's sixth season premiere of Lost: Would the Jughead detonation be a success, rebooting the show's timeline and sending the castaways safely to Los Angeles?

Right away, viewers got the answer: Yes... and no. Forget flashbacks and flashforwards. We were introduced this week to... flash parallels?!?

How was Jack on a plane... and on the island? Is that Boone, and Charlie... and Claire? How is Locke in a wheelchair... and dead... AND walking around as the human shell of the smoke monster?!?

Indeed, there were numerous questions - and timelines - thrown at fans this week, a majority of which we have no choice but to be patient about. While the dueling realities may make little sense at the moment, it's hard not to have faith that all will be explained.

Fake Locke

For now, catch up on a basic recap of "LA X" and try to keep your head on straight as we review the events from the episode below.


There's a new timeline. Jughead didn't just "work," as Juliet apparently wanted to tell Sawyer before she died, in putting all castaways safely on the plane. It changed their life stores. To wit: Hurley is now the luckiest guy alive; Shannon chose to remain in Australia; Desmond was a passenger on flight 815. No one remembers who anyone else is.

TVF Take: Huh?!? This is some alternative reality, but it's one where fate appears to be bringing certain favorites (Jack and Locke, Claire and Kate) together in some way. There's not much else to take away from this development... yet. We're clearly meant to be confused, and are left pondering the differences between what we just saw on flight 815 versus what we knew about these characters' pre-crash lives prior to this reboot. Where's Libby? Ana Lucia? The most intriguing line from this parallel universe:

Charlie telling Jack he was "supposed to die."

The Man in Black = Smokey. Kudos to the show for revealing one of the most sought after answers in the very first episode. Has there ever been a cooler scene on Lost than when Fake Locke transformed into the monster, wreaked havoc and then appeared again in human form. We're still giddy over Fake Locke's words to Ben: Sorry you had to see me like that.

TVF Take: So The Man in Black can take on the form of Smokey and of dead people. Does this mean he pretended to be Christian every time Jack saw his father on the island? And Alex when she told Ben to follow every word Locke said? We'd have to assume so on both accounts.

There are more Others. We'll be honest: our eyes almost rolled upon being introduced to yet another new group on the island. But it looks like we'll get quick answers about these people (we'll call them The Temple Troupe), as we already know flight attendant Cindy is one of them; they answer to Jacob; their magic water can save lives...

... but at what cost?

Remember when Richard took child Ben to The Temple and warned that he'd never be the same? What does this mean for suddenly-revived Sayid? Nothing good, we're afraid.

Or, as another theory: might Sayid actually be Jacob resurrected? According to Ben, after all, the island does not bring people back to life, which was proven true when we learned Locke has remained dead since being strangled. What better way for Jacob to fight against his long-time nemesis than by also occupying the body of a deceased individual?

Then again, there's an actual dead Locke body, on top of the one The Man on Black is now using. There only seems to be one Sayid. Okay. Our head hurts.


Richard was on the Black Rock. Fake Locke seemed well-acquainted with Richard, even though it had seemingly been a very long time since they met. He referred to Richard's past "in chains," backing up many fans' theories that the never-aging advisor was on that slave ship years and years ago. Fake Locke then knocked Richard out and carried him away... somewhere.

Fake Locke isn't from the island. Or at least not the part of the island where he's resided all this time. In a chilling scene, which almost ought to earn Terry O'Quinn an Emmy Award already and which alternated between sunlight and dark shadows on his face, Fake Locke said he wanted to go home. Where is home? Our guess:

The Temple.

Jughead sunk the island. Again, there's only so much we can extrapolate about the parallel flight 815 timeline right now. But there were two things worth noticing when the camera went underwater: that was a Dharma shark swimming around; and the The Others' village appeared built/intact. This would imply that the island was recently submerged.

Jacob was in charge of the lists. We've been hearing The Others reference "lists" for years; and Ilana said Frank was a "candidate" on the season five finale. Do we have a better idea now of what these lists mean? No. But the inclusion of one in Jacob's guitar case gift to Hurley at least makes it clear he was the one interested in these names.

We'll likely have more thoughts to share on the episode later today including a Round Table discussion on "LA X." For now, we'll take a moment to mourn Juliet and Locke - who are both truly, finally dead - and turn it over to readers: What did you think of the premiere?

A Kiss Goodbye
Flight 815 Passenger
Meeting Again


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What if the original island timeline is actually the alternate reality? And the real timeline is the one where they land safely. And now we get to see what they did in their original time to be sent to the island in their other lives. Did I just blow your mind?


The nemesis of Jacob is Apep (the Egyptian equiv. of Satan) - not sure who Jacob will be in the Egyptian pantheon yet but I think it will be either Thoth or Ra.


I think Locke's affinity with the island, or rather Smokey, comes from his disability. If Smokey is able to possess dead people it is probably able to at least strongly influence disabled people... then Locke's affinity with the island is even stronger after Ben shoots him and leaves him for dead... I think the monster has been slowly taking him over from the start.


I dont know M.L House. Uchiro has made a good point for which now I cant stop thinking about. You mentioned it yourself that when we saw it in the alternate flash as the camera took us into the water the Dharma Shark is there, the Village was made, and I beleive a swing set? That kind of swingset and homes style wasnt around til about the 1960s. And with the shark being there some sort of Testing had to been done. I kind go with Uchiro on this but the bomb did set of in 1977.

Matt richenthal

@Uchiro: Considering the island has been around for hundreds of years, I would consider any time in the last 35 years to be "recent," know what I mean?


The shark and the village being on the submerged island would not imply the island sunk recently whatsoever. Sawyer and Co. lived in that same village with the Dharma initiative long before the Others hijacked it. They lived there for 3 years before the bomb supposedly went off and sunk the island, and who knows how much longer before Dharma was there conducting experiments. The Island sank in '77 when Jughead was detonated. That much is blatantly obvious.


@Charlie I dont think its the dynamite from the blackrock i think its more likely a bigger battle then that. Like the ship had cannons are something. To take out the majority of a statue THAT big AND leave a full foot completely intact would take careful and difficult placement of the dynamite. Now a cannonball shooting upwards at the statue i could see... Oh and i forget where i was it but the statue isnt Anubis...i think its supposed to be a different Egyptian God(dess)...whose name is alluding me now but i swear i knew it two days ago... :)


@Picazo @ Tom Yeah, now I remember that scene. By saying 'wasting time' I didn´t meant they didn't deserve it. I liked both characters, Juliet and Sayid, but since this is the final season I am expecting lots of information and stuff in every episode. Also, I had really high expectations for this episodes so at the end I thougth my reaction would be like "WOOOW" instead of "WTF / Aww I'll miss Juliet". @ Alexandre Mandarino Yeah, I think Anubis is a good guess. Im looking forward for the explanation of the statue and how it got destroyed. Im guessing the dynamite from the Black Rock.


@Charlie (Tom) is right he took the words right out of my mouth. Seconf I don’t think they wasted time with Juliet and Sayid, true friend don’t leave friends behind I won’t even if they dead. Beside this two character played a good part on the show they disserved a good ending.


With the temple and the egyptian goddess's statue and all, I think MiB/Smokey is none other than Anubis.

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Locke: My condition is irreversible.
Jack: Nothing is irreversible.

Sorry you had to see me like that.

Fake Locke [to Ben, after turning into Smokey]