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WOW. Lost returned for its sixth season with an episode that answered one of the show's longest-running questions. It also introduced us to a new group on the island.

Enjoy a detailed review of "LA X" by following the preceding link. Below, we cover the basics of the two hours...

- The Man in Black is the monster. This has been speculated for awhile and was confirmed when the Fake Locke dude transformed into Smokey and took out everyone in Ilana's group except for her. He then turned back into Fake Locke and said to Ben, in the coolest line of the night: Sorry you had to see me like that.

- Everyone that was at the Swan site in 1977 when Juliet exploded Jughead was zoomed ahead to the present day. Juliet was actually still alive in the rubble, but died in Sawyer's arms. She said she had something to tell him before she passed away and Miles later told Sawyer what it was: "It worked." We assume she means the reboot, which we'll get to shortly.

But Sawyer is now a broken man and blames Jack for Juliet's death.

- Jacob, meanwhile, appeared to Hurley and said he had to take Sayid to the Temple in order to save his life. The entire group went and they ended up abducted by a whole new group of people, led by a bearded Asian guy that spoke English but had a translator anyway. He read a list that Jacob had given Hurley in the guitar case and allowed our survivors to enter the Temple because they were on it.

When this group learned Jacob was dead, they went into a panic, spread ash around and told the castways they were protecting them and had to keep "him" out. These people also somehow saved Sayid's life by dunking his body continuously into a body of water inside the Temple.

- There's also some kind of alternate reality going on. Half the episode was spent with the survivors in a rebooted timeline, landing safely in Los Angeles. They all had interactions with various old friends, too, though no one remebered anyone:

Kate fled from her FBI captor by hopping into a cab... with Claire. Jack fumed that the airline lost his dad's casket... by bonding with Locke in a wheelchair. Sawyer gave some advice on the plane to Hurley... who said he was the luckiest guy in the world.

Jack saved Charlie's life on the plane because he swallowed a baggie of drugs. Boone was also alive on the plane, as was Rose and Bernard, who seemed as much in love as ever. On the ground in Los Angeles, Jin was taken away for questioning because his bag contained thousands of dollars.

This episode made no real attempt to explain what was going on in this competing timeline, but it did flash one unusual scene early on after first showing us Jack on the plane: the island... underwater!

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Lost Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Locke: My condition is irreversible.
Jack: Nothing is irreversible.

Sorry you had to see me like that.

Fake Locke [to Ben, after turning into Smokey]