NCIS: Los Angeles Cast Reflects on Shocking Agent Abduction

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Last week's episode of NCIS: Los Angeles took what has been an enjoyable but often unremarkable NCIS spinoff and really put it on the map with an identity all its own.

Unfortunately for agent Dom Vaile (Adam Jamal Craig), that came at a heavy price. The hour ended without solving his abduction, leaving fans - and the cast - shocked.

"I didn't know it was going to happen; I was surprised," said Daniela Ruah, who plays Kensi.

"But just like on the original NCIS, you never know who's going to stay."

"You never know what to expect. For the audience, it's crazy and keeps people hooked on. For [the NCIS: Los Angeles cast], it can be a little scary here and there."

Executive producer Shane Brennan says Dom is gone and Craig will no longer be a regular part of the cast. But still, he says not to give up hope for Dom's survival.

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"We didn't lose him yet; he's missing," LL Cool J, who plays Sam, added. "I really don't know [what's going to happen]. He's missing and we'll keep looking for him."

"I think it will continuously be addressed on the show."

Each team member is going to suffer with Dom's loss in his or her own way, says Ruah: "Even though Kensi is a tomboy and she's tough, she's still a woman."

"Inevitably, there's this sisterly or maternal something in her that worries for Dom."

"I think it's instinct," the actress adds. "She's just very protective over him in a way she doesn't expect. I think Kensi becomes a little more emotional [than usual]."

At the same time, the events of last week's episode, "Missing" will not play out this evening, when the team investigates a potential outbreak of botulinum toxin.

If that's not exciting enough to lure you in, Ruah promises this twist: "We're searching for this guy at the Beverly Center, the clock is ticking and LL and Chris [O'Donnell] end up in the fountain. Together. That could be appealing to the ladies, I don't know."

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what an ending to the series, need to know if G is ok. if there is going to be another series.


I was sad to see Dom leave please bring him back or let us know why he left the show . Thanks a Fan !!!!!!!!!!!!


What a rip I can't believe that you took off Dom. He add a great quality to the show you should bring him back and very soon!!


Please bring Dom back he was a great part of the show!!! Not cool taking him off like that! Bring him back please.


i also miss dom and thought he added a certain lil brother flavor to the cast. would love to see him back as a regular


We would like for Dom_Vaile (Adam Jamal Craig) to come back as a regular very soon. Why did you take him off he made the show also. Thank you a Concerned Fan!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Deeks: Do I?
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