Second Mercy Wester to Be Fired on Grey's Anatomy

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Entertainment Weekly confirms this morning that Katherine Heigl is due back on the Grey’s Anatomy set on Monday, which we pretty much gathered up based on previous reports.

As a result, it looks like Izzie will be in the final five episodes of Season Six, whereas anything beyond that is anyone's guess - yours is as good as ours, which is as good as EW's.

In other Grey’s Anatomy casting news, a second member of the Mercy West crew will not be returning next season. So look for two to be gone by the time next year begins.

Any ideas on which two? Jackson appears safe, but the rest?

Younger Avery

We'd be surprised if Jackson weren't back next year, but his Mercy West counterparts?

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Smileyglen - its not a programme about a hospital .Its about a group of surgical interns . We've seen DERM once in 6 seasons .Nelson being a walk on once before must tell you something .People exist in the hospital outside the cast but they are for the vast majority of the time are background ,and for the majority of the audience nobody cares who they are or what they do. The majority of Lexie class were let go and we never seen that(or cared) .Why would want want to see the inner workings of Mercy West 12 reccuring cast were let go and the 4 MWers were brought on and 2 of them will be let go .Its a casting decision its not real life


Just watched S06E05 with the orange scrub invaders and Richard Webber says to Karev, not right now Karav I am busy trying to run a Hospital make that 2 Hospitals.(abt 4.16 minutes into the episode). In the beginning of this same episode Owen said that Mercy West closed there Emergency Department for good, but nothing was mentioned about the rest of the Hospital.


Nelson has been a walk on extra at Seattle Grace since around season 2, you spot him walking past Derek in one episode. @Troy What do you call a c-section, if it isn't surgery, please explain how a baby is born when a mother can't deliver it via her virgina. Magically the baby's are just born. Sorry GYN is important what about cervical cancer a GYN looks up there (virgina). Going by the name Troy you don't have woman parts as a mother of twins born by C-Section I can tell you that it is major surgery not just wishful thinking that my babies just were born. And my agument still stands if they are going to fire 2 Mercy Westers we should see some more take there place, no point having a merger if there is no staff to merge with. What was the point in having a merger, just to kill air space, that would have been just a waste of time and money filming such an episode. Just to have a merger and not keep more new staff. I understand that both hospitals have to weed people out we should see more competition, have the Mercy Westers agruing why they should be allowed to train at Seattle Grace - Mercy West Hospital.


@Smileyglenn. see humbugged's comment. Remember, we never even saw Dr. Nelson (shadow Shepherd) until season 5.
and just fyi, OB/GYN is generally not a surgical department. Addison was an exception because she wasn't just an OB, she was also a neo-natal surgeon (one of the show's few inaccuracies being that Addi is far too young to be certified in both).


Humbugged, Callie was an attending at MW yes, but she went right back to SG right before the other MW's came to SG. If you remember right at the end of episode 6x04 the Chief hires Callie back.


Troy we did see a lot of people from MW in 6.05 with their orange scrubs on .But like the Fab 5's intern class we never seen them again .Callie and Ben were both attendings at MW .
We have never seen the other attendings at Seattle Grace either but it doesn't meen they don't exist .Its a TV drama ,its not a documentary and if you were to show evryone in the hospital ,there would be a cast of about 1000 instead of the 13 (plus recurrings ) we see .


@Troy Ok so if Mercy West is closed as you say, why only 4 doctors from Mercy West surgical program, what happened to there 1st year residents (interns), 2nd year residents, 3rd year and so on right up to there 5th year residents who become attendings (Bailey and Callie were 5th year residents before they become Attendings in Season 6) Why haven't we seen any of the Mercy West Attendings, surely they had a Ortho department, Cardio department, Transplant co-ordinator, Neuro department, OB/GYN department, Peds department, ER department, Oncology department (have I missed a surgical department?)


Reed and Charles.


New Promo For Next Episode!!! Can't Wait!


I think it's going to be Charles or April. We haven't seen much from him and April can't seem to handle all the people dying. Jackson will stay because his grandfather is THE Harper Avery and not to mention he opened up to Lexie about being the "pretty one" in his family that they thought would just get by on his looks. So I think there are more layers to uncover there. Reed is going to be around at least through the end of the season because she has a thing for Karev.

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