Supernatural 100th Episode Spoiler: Who Will Die?

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While Supernatural fans wait for this CW show to return on March 25, we can at least give them something to chew on until then.

On April 15, Supernatural airs its 100th episode. What will take place during this milestone hour?

"A very important character will sacrifice themselves in a suicide mission,” executive producer Sera Gamble told Michael Ausiello. “We wanted to deliver something with real scope [on this episode]; it’s about the Archangel Michael. Crises will come to a head for Dean and Castiel. And you’ll see characters you never thought you’d see again.”

Cue the suspenseful music... Who do you think is headed for an early grave?

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The looming Apocalypse prompts Dean and Sam to make a devastating decision that changes their lives. Dean agrees to let Sam say "Yes" to Lucifer. A fateful encounter in a graveyard results in Dean being beaten, almost to death, by Sam (now possessed by Lucifer). Inside his own head, Sam fights Lucifer until he gains control over his body. Michael arrives, in the body of Adam and attempts to fight Sam. As Sam is at the brink of death, Castiel saves him, killing Michael and himself in the process. With Sam weakened by the battle with Michael, Dean uses the four rings of the Horsemen to reopen Lucifer's prison. Before Sam can make the jump, God appears taking on the form of John Winchester. He acknowledges all Sam and Dean have done to prevent the Apocalypse. God then scolds Lucifer as John would scold Sam and sends him into his prison in Hell. Sam is left alive and, with Dean, thanks God, who responds by advising them to stay out of trouble from now on. He then disappears leaving Sam and Dean wondering what to do next.


In the spoilers I read they all pretty much said the same thing: 1 person will die (Zachariah), 1 person will make a sacrifice (Castiel), and 1 person’s role will change (I have no clue). From what I’ve read on Cass does come back, but, like anyone else, I’m only making a guess. But personally, they better bring him back…


mischa colins is actually listed in episode hammer of the gods, he sacrifices himself in the sucide mission, but sacrifice doesn't always mean death. i think the brothers rescue him at some point on the next epi, i just saw the episode list on imdb and castiel is listed in all episodes left


Misha Collins doesn't have a contract for Season 6. I am assuming that he will die on the 100th episode. So there is no Castiel for Season 6.


If they kill of Castiel, then they have Charmed writers on their staff. Remember how they killed off Chris Halliwell to make the girls fight harder?


Misha Collins is not listed in the episode Hammer of the Gods. I am guessing that Castiel dies.


I am going to take a shot at this, They find out the angels don't need dean anymore to kill lucifer it has something to do with zacariah the brothers tell castiel about zacariah being all crazy he gives the brothers that sword he used to kill uriel they go and try to kill zacariah and adam winchester dies (again)


The familiar face is adam winchester and he is the one who dies in the suicide mission to try and kill zacariah! god i think im right and if i am im smart :p


i think is Bobby...because of eppy "dead men dony wear plaid" death wanted to get rid of Bobby because he was in the way of sam and dean saying yes


Please just not Castiel, I love his character waaaay too much he cracks me up alot and he brings some hope to the boys. Plus, he knows more about both sides than anyone else they know. I am 16 weeks pregnant and me and my husband have picked the name Castiel for a boy or a girl! I think God does care and he is testing Sam and Dean and Cas to see if they will give up. He is waiting for them to show hope and faith beyond all measure before he steps in.

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