The Bachelor Review: Women Tell All For the Sake of Filler

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The pre-finale "Women Tell All" special on The Bachelor is not usually interesting. Last night's was more so than most seasons', but still, ultimately a forgettable waste.

If you require a rundown of what was almost completely filler, here's our recap of Women Tell All special, but in truth you can probably sum it up with the review below.

Two hours, ABC? Really? Highlights after the jump ...

Jake Waits

Who made Jake Pavelka's final two and who went home?

Wes is back. Former Bachelorette villain Wes Hayden admitted during a Bachelor Reunion booze cruise that he gets "a thousand more nibbles" nowadays. No one cares.

Rozlyn revelations. Rozlyn Papa's fellow contestants on The Bachelor all spoke out against the most controversial figure of the season (besides Vienna Girardi) and brought forth new evidence anecdotes about her affair with
The Bachelor staff member.

Rozlyn adamantly denied the claims, and when Chris Harrison continued to prod her, she countered by accusing Chris of hitting on the staffer's wife while in New Zealand.

Chris refused to "dignity that with a response." Awkward!

Michelle is insane. She did her best to defend her behavior on The Bachelor, but just came across as more unstable and aggressive. Totally as insane as we previously believed.

Tenley is perfect. Seriously, everyone is on team Tenley Molzahn. Everyone is in for quite the rude awakening when she loses too. Just saying. Brace yourselves for the hurt.

Vienna is not. Still, after spending a whole season calling her a spoiled, immature brat, the bachelorettes settled a bit, saying that Vienna isn't a bad person. Even Ali apologized.

The next Bachelorette. During her interview with Chris Harrison, Ali set herself up perfectly. "I believe our life is measured by the risks we take," she said, foreshadowingly.

Who will Jake pick among the final two? Does Tenley stand a chance? Should Ali be the next star of The Bachelorette? Chime in with your thoughts on these and other topics.


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i love the fact that vienna has a lazy eye, anyone else notice that? he should've stuck with gia. all the way.


My prediction: Jake chooses neither Tenley or Vienna and then contacts Ali after the show to rekindle what they previously had. The finale will involve the girls meeting Jake's family. Jake's family will love Tenley and dispise Vienna, but Jake has 2% lust for Tenley and 98% lust for Vienna. However, he can't marry someone who doesn't get his family's approval, nor can he marry someone with whom he has no sparks with in the bedroom...out with the both of them!


Let me start off by saying I am not a prude - but I was pretty shocked at the behavior of some of the former Bachelor/ette contestants as they party hearty. Don't any of these people have any moral standards at all? I guess that's a rhetorical question and doesn't really need an answer. But on to Rozlyn ... if the answer to my question is 'no', then either the three women who confronted her at WTA or Rozlyn herself could be lying. But why would three women lie and deliberately malign an innocent woman unless something is in it for them (back to my original question ...). I think something went on between Rozlyn and the producer, but who really knows what. And now it appears that the relationship may still be continuing. Maybe it's time for the producer himself to straighten this whole thing out.


I can't seem to deicde how "staged" last night's episode was exactly. It seems to be that Rozlyn's comments about Chris and the producer's wife could have easily been editted out... unless it was scripted... how could Chris agree to let that air knowing it could hurt his family?... hmm... Also, so many of you like Ali and I ask that you please explain why. She seems like a bullie, yes, she apologized for some of her actions but still a bullie. She clearly set herself up last night... first poiting out all the bad press Vienna is getting and immediately after, apologizing for her behavior toward Vienna -- pretty sneaky - -hitting Vienna and then making herself look good. I think she is very sly. Although, I am not at all convinced that Jake does not choose her in the end. The next Bachelorette needs to be Ella or Gia --


Hmmm, I agree. Last night's show was rather boring. I especially could care less about seeing all the previous season sluts (ahem, I mean players) and how they like to party with each other. The one thing that was reinforced for me last night however is how lucky Ali was for excating when she did. She is so much better that Jake. Part of me hopes that she does become the next bachelorette but another part thinks she would do better dating the traditional way. She is attractive and intelligent and doesn't need ABC to help her find a date.

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