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Some of the few highlights from this filler:

Wes is back. Former Bachelorette villain Wes Hayden admitted during a Bachelor Reunion booze cruise that he gets "a thousand more nibbles" on his dating pole than he ever got before the show. Woo.

Rozlyn revelations. Rozlyn's fellow Bachelor contestants spoke out against the most controversial television figure of 2010 and brought forth new evidence anecdotes about her affair with the Bachelor staffer. Rozlyn adamantly denied the claims. Whether the other ladies were telling the truth or not,  the stories were amusing: Rozlyn made out with him on a stairwell during a pool party, said Jessie. According to Ella, Rozlyn got on all fours while wearing bootie shorts and said to the rest of the women, "If you see [the staffer], send him in, because I need to be put to bed!"

Chris Harrison continued to prod Rozlyn as more witnesses came forward with their stories, continually asking what she thought was the truth "in her mind." Then came his coup e'tat: comparing Rozlyn to his young son who makes up stories "about unicorns and wizards," leading Chris to ask, "Son, isn't the simplest story the truth?" Cold. Rozlyn countered by accusing Chris of hitting on the staffer's wife while in New Zealand. Chris refused to "dignity that with a response." Awkward!

Michelle is insane. She did her best to defend her behavior on The Bachelor, but just came across as more unstable and aggressive. "Ask my friends. I have a job!" That should not be one's best defense.

Tenley is perfect. A few Bachelor girls on Tenley Molzahn's ever-chipper attitude: Jessie: "She almost fell out of a Disney movie." Gia: "She sh*ts rainbows." Vienna: "I think she might dream in cartoons."

Vienna is not. Still, after spending the whole season calling her a spoiled, immature, drama-seeking, trailer trash whore, the bachelorettes settled a bit, saying that Vienna isn't a bad person, just a young girl who doesn't think before she talks. Even Ali apologized.

The next Bachelorette. During her interview with Chris Harrison, Ali set herself up perfectly. "I truly believe our life is measured by the risks we take," she said. "If I could go back and do it differently, I probably would. I'm an advocate of women having careers, but I don't want to be on my death bed, look back and say I didn't love enough."

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