Dana Delany: Goodbye Desperate Housewives, Hello Castle

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This is a busy time in the professional life of Dana Delany.

The actress likely exited Wisteria Lane on Sunday night, as Katherine skipped off to Paris with Julie Benz's Robin. If her ABC pilot gets picked up, that will be the last Desperate Housewives' viewers see of the character.

"If the pilot gets picked up, that’d be great," the actress told Fancast.com "If it doesn’t, hopefully I’ll be invited to “come back” from Paris... That’s the great thing about Marc Cherry and television; you can do things at the last minute."

Dana Delany on Castle

Last night, as seen above, Delany made the first of two guest appearances on an explosive episode of Castle.

Regarding her character of Jordan Shaw, Dana said: "She’s there as an example to show Beckett that you actually can have it all. You can be a kick-ass agent, and you can be married and have a kid…. Beckett doesn’t have to shy away from romance."

Is there more we'll learn about this detective on part two of the episode that aired last night?

"Just that she has a husband who’s very supportive, and she relies on him. It’s interesting because the pilot that I’m shooting now is the opposite, which I think is a little more realistic. When a woman works as many hours as Jordan Shaw does or the character I’m playing [on Body of Evidence], it takes a toll on a marriage."

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I hate castle but it should be more better with Dana Delany their shes a fantastic actress, love watching her to bad desperate housewives is loosing Katherine she was cool.


I don't like Dana. I think she should have refused to be the love interest of the new woman. I don't like to see porn or implied porn on prime time. Kids are still awake. I have never liked the roles she has played. I love "housewives" sans Delany.


Lat night's episode was great! And I loved her character(I didn't know she left Desperate Housewives, well I stopped watching it after a while). I really do hope that the pilot gets pick up, her character seems interesting.

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