Gossip Girl Photo Gallery: "The Sixteen Year Old Virgin"

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As the promo showed Monday night, the upcoming episode of Gossip Girl is going to bring the drama after two weeks largely devoted to building up second half story lines.

We can't wait.

Below are some Gossip Girl pictures from "The Sixteen Year Old Virgin." Click to enlarge, scroll through and see what you think. Sneak preview clips to come soon hopefully ...

  • The Beautiful Serena
  • Huggin' It Out
  • Viva V
  • A Lil Pic
  • Jenny the Virgin
  • A Reflection of Success
  • Angst-Filled Girl
  • B-to-the-Dubs
  • Chuck Mulls it Over
  • van der Woodsen, S.
  • Altercation Over J
  • Serenate Speaks
  • Rily Pic
  • Jack Bass is Back
  • Woe is J
  • Rily

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