Woe is J
Jenny Humphrey takes center stage in "The Sixteen Year Old Virgin." Will she be deflowered this week?

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they do have chemistry, more than N/S ..


ew! they got no chemistry and I feel awkward with them together


lol, the only hoe is Nate. Do you seriously find soooo epic that he's freaking out about Jenny's virginity while supposedly being with the luv of his life, Serena?
This is gossip girl, boy/girl scenes are NEVER casual, especially when a guy starts caring this much about a girl's V-card. Enjoy Serenate while it lasts. Everyone knows to whom Jenny will loose her virginity next season.


nate is suppose to be with serena, they belong together! they are just the perfect couple, and i really think jenny is acting like a hoe, i hate her


oh... no. Nate and Serena are GG's Payson and Lucas, they soooo shuld be together. I do not deny - Jenny and Nate have this crazy chemistry - especially on her runway show, but they are a fling. Nate and Serena are just like Ross and Rachel - from the begenning everyone knows the are THE couple.


i luv jenny and nate
i can't wait to see what happens here


nate's probably telling her it's a bad idea and that the first time is special and she should wait till she finds that someone who will truly love her. it's the typical speech. anyway regarding the question of will she or won't she, my answer is that i don't think she will. 1stly she's a young character and producers don't wanna send out the wrong msg as such. although GG often touches on some very serious adult issues they do it with caution. and somehow they would keep the idea of possible redemption. and if she loses it there's no turning back. but then again GG has never failed to surprise us ;P


jenny and nate all the way!!



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Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

There's always a moment a father just can't let himself fear. The moment is little J decides to lose her big V.

Gossip Girl

Vanessa: Actually, The dorm is throwing this huge South Beach party today..
Dan: Great, I love parties.
Vanessa: And I'm going with Paul..
Dan: I love Paul!

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Ive had the time of my life (I've Had) The Time of My Life Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes iTunes
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