Gossip Girl Season Finale Spoilers: Two "OMG" Moments

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Brace yourselves, Gossip Girl fans. The show’s upcoming third season finale will, in the words of executive producer Stephanie Savage, conclude with “two OMG moments.”

Savage did not provide specifics (figures), did say that the Season 3 conclusion, which is currently being filmed, will be quite unlike the last two Gossip Girl season finales.

"It’s not centered on one big event,” she says. “There’s not a giant wedding or a graduation. It’s a real pot-boiler where all this season’s stories bear down on each other."

Sounds pretty awesome. Any theories?

Hot Piece of Chair

Will these couples be together at season's end?

“It’s one of those episodes that just really moves,” Savage continues in an interview with EW. “Every scene leads to the next scene in a very sort of tight and exciting way."

"I’m hopeful it’ll feel like a satisfying conclusion to all the stories we’ve been telling this year and also give you a sense of what Season Four of Gossip Girl will hold.”

The finale will also mark the return of Michelle Trachtenberg as Georgina. Gulp.

The interesting catch with that, though? “[Georgina will have] a very different persona,” Savage teases. “We’ll find out where she’s been the past couple of months.”

Gossip Girl returns one week from tonight with 10 episodes in as many weeks.

“I’m excited that we’re running 10 in a row without interruptions,” says Savage. “Last season, we had a very erratic schedule during the second half of the season, and I think that was hard for [viewers]. We’re excited to come back and have 10 in a row now."

"If we were a cable show, it’s practically an entire [season].”

What surprises you think the finale holds? What do you think are the OMG moments of which SS speaks? Share all your Gossip Girl insight with us below.

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With Eva and Hilary duff returning for season four finale. I guess that lines out Dan and perhaps CHUCK? That only leaves the prince for Blair to be engaged to or perhaps it will be under force?
Without Chuck and Blair, it would be so bad!!!!!
OR Nate is that someone, or Jack Bass which could be another two options to consider for Blair?????


In the trailer, Nate and jenny hook up, and so does dan and serena. jenny posts a pic of dan and serena sleeping together on gossip girl. There is also a clip of dan punching chuck so dan might think that chuck is the one who slept with jenny.


if you watch promos online, they show Chuck and Jenny kiss...omg.. maybe Chuck does sleep with Jenny...noooo


I think Jenny talks to Nate about Serena being bad for him. She goes to the loft to find Serena and Dan in bed together and sends a GG blast. Someones in the hospital, Serena and Dan tell Nate they just kissed. Nate isn't happy and breaks up with Serena. He runs into Jenny again and they have sex. Dan thinks it was Chuck and will attack him when he proposes to Jenny. Blair will be shocked but she'll believe Chuck didn't do it...


Okayy Nate and Jenny need to hook up, and C'mon Chair forever man! I want Blair to forgive chuck and for him to propose to her while Nate and Jenny start to go out.


I think jenny and chuck should get together wont that b funny and then blair finally lats go of chuck because he sleeps with jenny or something like that.


so i am slightly repulsed by blair and dan but they need to happen. vanessa needs to break up with dan right before she leaves and then blair and dan will get together. chuck will be heartbroken because they are so happy. however now that blair is going to columbia she returns to her queen bee ways and dan cant stand it. they are too different so they break up. then chuck and blair have a heart to heart werenot only do they get back together but he proposes. then next season inevitably they break up and get back together again because they are meant to be.


I hate Nate and Serena, there is no attraction between then. Things were so much better with Nate and Blair!!! Why do the writers keep putting couples together and then breaking them up only to put them with their best friends. I LOVE NATE AND BLAIR! They are supposed to be together and what about Serena and Dan, they were perfect. PLEASE PLEASE NATE AND BLAIR


sooo has anyone read the books? does anyone think jenny is just being 'written out' to go to waverly boarding school like in the 'it girl' series???


for one thing chuck and blair should definatly reconcile,I love chiar ,they are the perfect couple,they must be togather again,,chair forever.....hottest couple......

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