Gossip Girl Sneak Previews: "Inglorious Bassterds"

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So far, Chuck, Blair and Jack have dominated speculation, discussion, spoilers and even a New York window display revolving around the upcoming "Inglorious Bassterds."

These two sneak preview clips, however, focus on another story line entirely. Jenny is clearly asking for trouble once again, though not with drugs this time. With Serena.

In the first clip, she makes a play for Nate. It all starts innocently enough, but this is Jenny Humphrey. The girl is a magnet for trouble, and we don't see this ending well:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/inglorious-bassterds-sneak-preview-1/" title="Inglorious Bassterds Sneak Preview #1"] [/video]

Follow the jump for a second sneak peek from "Inglorious Bassterds," showing Serena's reaction as she learns birthday boy Nate canceled on his grandfather last minute ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/inglorious-bassterds-sneak-preview-2/" title="Inglorious Bassterds Sneak Preview #2"] [/video]

What do you think of this brewing love triangle? Do you prefer Nate with Serena or with Jenny? And how do you think it'll play out on the show? Comment!

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jenny is a stupid wannabe who always seek those who she can't have. she is totally the 3rd person in this love triangle!!! Serena and Nate all the way!!!


Jenny! I'm not a big fan of Jenny, but I really don't like Serena and Nate together. I'd much rather see him with Jenny.


JENNY AND NATE! i love Jenny. i loved when jenny and nate had a brief thing in season 2! it was awesome. they're just so much more interesting. serena is boring with nate and i really dont see any real chemistry between the two of them.


I agree..NATE SEEMS TO HAV A HERO-COMPLEX.He likes bein needed.And a Jenny just has needy written all over her.But N is not J's brotha or her father.He shd let her bee.J's a lil bitch.way worse dan Blair ever was.She tries too hard and is too insecure.Serenate were meant to be...i've been waitin for them to happen sins gg 1.1.dONT SPOIL IT LIL j.fIND UR OWN LIL BOI.


In the last epi Nate told Jenny how extremely happy he is with Serena and its obvious that he is totally in love with Serena, why would jenny even lower herself to pursue him? She has no self esteem and comes across so desperate and pathetic all the time. I'm glad they finally scrapped the racoon eyes but the jenny character comes across as souless most of the time these days. I love serenate and its just started - I want more hot scenes. If GG wrecks it with pathetic little loser Jenny this viewer will be majorly pissed off.


Jenny needs to go back to school and find a boy there. She's so envious of the UES, hence all the plots she's found herself involved in, to make herself one of them. You can't buy class, though, and Little J doesn't even have enough money to rent it! She has this dreamy vision of Nate as the perfect guy--he's the guy she wants to lose the big V to. That's her vision, though--not necessarily his. She doesn't have anyone responsible enough in her life, apparently, (including a parent) to get her skinny a$$ back on track to what's important--like having a little self-respect, maybe? Almost all of her actions have been a cry for help--but no one is listening.


Jenny & Nate :) because Jenny is my favourite charackter and nate is so hot... together they have a lot of chemistry. I like Serena, but with Nate it's boring. I want her with Dan. Jenny & Nate FOREVER...


i want serenate 2 stay together they look so cute and i hate jennt cuz she'z alwaiiz ruining thingz


JENNY!!! Well, I've been waiting for Jenny and Nate since season 1 and JENNY didn't leave Nate after sleeping with him, did she Serena??? Jenny deserves something good in her life and with the job and Nate she could transform back into the girl we ALL love.


Jenny deserves Nate. Serena is the perfect one. It's not fair if she has Nate. Jenny deserves to be happy as well :)

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