Grey's Anatomy Notes: Alex's Brother, Derek's Sister & More

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With all the drama surrounding Katherine Heigl's departure from Grey's Anatomy, many fans are wondering if anyone else wants off the show after the current season.

Well, you can at least bank on McDreamy sticking around for Season 7, according to Patrick Dempsey himself: "Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere," he told E! News.

Everyone can now breathe a sigh of relief!

As for Katherine, by all accounts she will be leaving Grey's for good. Details are still being hammered out, but we'd be surprised to see her again. Is that a good thing?

From what we're hearing, Justin Chambers (Alex) will be around as well, and you can expect an Alex-centric episode in the coming weeks, as his brother will be visiting.

Team Alex

Alex's troubled family history will soon come to light.

When said little bro shows up in need of pro bono surgery, pieces of Alex's past begin to surface, such as the fact that his family hasn't heard from him in some time.

As in, since he arrived at the hospital.

Interestingly that with all the people vanishing (Burke, O'Malley, Hahn and now Stevens), Alex Karev appears to have done the opposite, disappearing to Seattle Grace.

Lastly, there's a Grey's Anatomy-Private Practice crossover of sorts in the mix when Derek's little sister shows up at Oceanside Wellness to assist in an important case.

Derek has no plans to visit L.A. yet, but it's just a matter of time, you have to figure. Why have her cast as Derek's sister specifically if it weren't? Should be interesting!

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Call me meredith

I dont think Derek will go to PP, but his sister MIGHT go to GA with the case she is at PP for.


@ GA fan Alex's brother appears in episode 19 'Sympathy for the Parents' the air date should be April 1st 2010.


I am so excited for Alex's storyline and to know more about him and his past! And I don't think Derek is going to L.A anytime soon, he is the Chief of Surgery. Honestly I hope they don't do croosovers with Prp anymore. They are useless, they should leave them as two seperate shows!


Does anyone know (date) when the episodes where Alex's brother will start to appear?


I am excited to see Alex's storyline progress and find out what makes him tick. We've met family members from almost all of the main character's except for Alex. Honestly, I am glad to see Katherine Heigl go. I think all her negativity about the show has been horrible and weighs the rest of the cast down. I don't think she is a great actress because she plays the same character in every movie. I think she will regret leaving TV and come crawling back much like David Caruso did. It is obvious that Grey's can continue to be a great show without Izzie Stevens. The addition of Owen and the Mercy Wester has given the show a shot of adrenalin, Izzie who?


Well if Derek stays as Chief of Surgery for season 7 he won't be going to Oceanside Wellness, I mean Chiefs of Surgeries are busy men and the hospital would fall apart without his presence. LOL I don't see this "crossover" happening this season anyway. If they do a crossover again I hope they do it like they did it in season 5 that the PrP gang came to SGH and no one from SGH went to Oceanside Wellness. Anyway my real wish is that they would stop with this contrive crossovers. They are useless for the development of the characters on both shows.


What moved!T he Derek's sister goes to PP ,so Derek goes to PP or his sister comes to GA,all for the audience.Was too simple that his sister has come to GA,Addi is her ex sister-in-law while Mer is new sister-in-law ,and you don't go to know future sister-in-law.Alex,poor guy,after that you has been for 5 season to disposition of whims of Heigl and Shonda,now they are remembering of him.
How many seasons ga has?i remember that now they are 8 season,Patrick there's or there isn't until the 8th and Ellen leaves or remains!!!!!!!!!Somebody can answer me,please ,thanks


It's great about Derek's sister, Derek tells Meredith in Season 1 that he has 4 sisters, 9 nieces and 5 nephews, we have met Nancy, there was a mention of a Kathleen who is the shrink and now Amelia, I wonder what the other doctor does for a specialty. Season 2 Alex tells a patient something about himself that his dad use to beat up his mum, he told the patient that he bulked up and took wrestling in school and one day he beat up his dad that bad that when he got out of hospital, he took off and never looked back. Meredith at one point in Season 2 mentions an aunt that always said tell me when, every time she poured a drink, is this aunt Thatcher's sister or Ellis' sister or just a friend of the family that gets the courtesy Aunt out of respect. Let's meet some of Bailey's nieces, they like to spread gossip about their Aunty Miranda, are the nieces, sisters or are they cousins, Bill Bailey mentions them in the Holidaze, this season. He said that your niece told your other niece that your getting a divorce, he says this to Miranda. So the big question would be does Miranda have brothers and sisters to and are they doctors?




Can't wait to learn more about Alex =)
I think the PP part of the last crossover was a good ep, there wasn't enough Addison in the GA part, she was hardly there, it was a bit pointless!
I think the two previous crossovers were great eps.
I think it's inevitable that they'll cross paths again, especially now Derek's sister is in PP, it would be stupid to ignore it, i guess we'll know more when we see the interaction between her and Addison, Addie got on well with Nancy but i have a feeling she was the only sister who liked her, don't know why!

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