Hot Hook-Up: The Vampire Diaries First Look

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The news that Melinda Clarke will debut on the March 25 episode of The Vampire Diaries as Matt's booze-loving mom, Kelly, is exciting enough.

But then there's this hot nugget: it won't be long until she hops into bed with Damon!

“The two of them hit it off instantly and form a bond that results in some hard-core flirtin’ and sexin’,” said exec producer Julie Plec, adding that “Damon isn’t just about the high school girls. He’s a worldly guy, so watching him sex it up with a real woman was very exciting.”

Based on the photo first posted by Entertainment Weekly, we're guessing viewers will most certainly agree...

Vampire Hook-Up

... is it March 25 yet?

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hi cant wait until the next episode and damon needs to forget about katherine and move on to someone else and be more nicer like stefan he has more contol and is more hotter then damon but damon is hot as well but as much as stefan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


honestly, how can she be termed as an old lady, when Damon is over 100 years old? i mean i don't agree with his rebound sex, but i just wish it would be with Elena. he is so beautiful, it hurts.(: i think its about time for Stefan to do something bad, ya know? not let all of the heat stay on poor Damon all of the time.


well let me just tell u that i comepletly agree bout damon and elena i know damon will make the first move on elena and like you said she will relize thers something more but idk bout the other stuff i think that it will be nice to see damon get some action and stop stressin bout elena ya know what i mean and i is also kind of happy that hes gettin some human blood again i think that will make him feel better haha also they said that bonnie wont be in like three episodes cuz she will be greiving os something i think that sucks cuz i kinda want damon and boonie to start to be friends for now lol but right now i am all for team delena they have so much tension between them and that just seals the deal for me i love vampire diaries and sorry to say it stefan but if damon wasnt in it i probably wouldnt watch it i cant wait for it to return p.s. ian somerhalder and paul wesley are do damn sexy!!!!!!


ugh, come on Damon can't you just hook up with Elena and be that damn sexy, lol. I mean i don't mind damon being sexy and amazing and all, just not with this old lady! and after all, it looks like he's after her neck, not her lips. oh some questions... what do you think will happen so that damon realizes his feelings for elena? maybe she'll be there for him when he's all depressed and grieving over Katherine. OH! and who do you think will kiss the other one first?!? I think damon will and then when he kisses her, elena will be shocked but then at that moment she'll realize her feelings for him are more than just "friendly". cannot wait for them to kiss and get together, oh and the next episodes of course! :)

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