Katherine Heigl Exit, Grey's Anatomy Feud Confirmed

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Grey's Anatomy confirm that Katherine Heigl is indeed leaving the hit series after nearly six seasons, amid reports last week that the original cast member was as good as gone.

But why is she leaving? And how will Izzie be written out? The answers may surprise you.

According to E! Online, Katherine has been asking to leave the medical drama for close to three years, and she finally got what she wanted last week when Grey's Anatomy creator / executive producer Shonda Rhimes and ABC agreed to let her out of her contract.

According to one of Heigl's coworkers on the Grey's Anatomy set, things got "pretty miserable" for all parties involved and "they [the producers] decided to let her leave."

The show's ABC rep has no comment, and Heigl just parted ways with her personal publicist, but it looks increasingly likely that Katherine will not return at all to the set.

Izz She Gonna Stay?

The circumstances surrounding Katherine Heigl's departure are odd to say the least.

Unlike T.R. Knight, whose George O'Malley ended up getting a heroic, and tragic sendoff during the Season 5 finale, the writing staff is unsure how to handle Heigi's exit.

Perhaps the weirdest thing about all of this is how it was handled. As we reported, Heigl was planning on returning to the Grey's Anatomy set two weeks ago ... but did not.

So was she a no-show? If so, why? A source in Heigl's camp says she wasn't given a call time to return to Grey's Anatomy after her family leave ended earlier this month.

According to this source, Heigl's "calls weren't returned" when she phoned in asking when to report back. A statement may be made regarding this matter later this week.

Basically, it looks like there's no love lost, or communication between parties in this contentious TV divorce. Was Shonda so bitter at Katherine that she didn't even call her?

Who do you think is at fault? And how should Izzie's exit be handled?

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WHY! why why why why why!
izzie and alex were suppose to be forever.


I think she should come in pregnant with alexs baby and die in labor and leave alex witha baby girl and he names her izzie and experiences life as a dad of a newborn baby


If Katherine Heigl wants to leave the show she should just go already. Make room for an actor who wants to be on the show. And, I agree with the other posters. We don't need closure with Izzie. We had closure with Alex getting stronger and realizing that he can do better. Good for Alex. Let's move on. We the fans also deserve better.


I couldn't agree with you more KM - everything you said was point on in my book!
I am happy Izzy left the way she did - I don't think we need "closure" with her situation and maybe in a couple years she will come back as a guest star - or better yet, we will hear that she died!


IMO- Heigl's character Izzie has gotten the proper send off. The show gave her a huge storyline in the end of Season 5 with the cancer SL, she got a miracle and became better, but she left Alex. Can't it just be left at that? She was great for the first 5 seasons, things change...
Too much drama for me, she's better off not coming back...if thats what makes her happy. There are so many other great SL and characters on Grey's to worry about!


if katherine want leave greys its ok, but the character dont have dissaper, because they should find other actress for pha rol, and continue the story. izzie stevens should be stay with alex at least


Yay! Maybe I can actually start watching again!


Whatever happens behind the scenes surely the fans are the most important? Finish it properly - from both parties! Sounds like Heigl wanted to but Shonda and crew had/have other ideas.
GA going really downhill.


Oh and by the way, just write off that old cheif of surgery, his character is lame now. I don't want to see more addictions, they do that crapola on mtv celebrity rehab, either bring him back to competency or ax him. He could be a great "surgeon" but i'm tired of this addiction crap


Okay, enough leave, just film the show then take a break! I'm sick of all the reruns. I've finally gotten into this show the beginning of 5th season, come on now, I want more. The episodes have been crap that merideth and derek aren't really in them anymore. SHOW MORE DRAMA already. I want to see Bailey come out of her shell already and seriously, get mark and little grey back together, that's just dumb to start up mark and that new army brat i dont like

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