More Gossip Girl Sneak Previews: "The Hurt Locket"

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Gossip Girl has been off the air for three months, but is going to quickly make up for lost time if these newest sneak preview clips from "The Hurt Locket" are any indication.

We posted the first two yesterday, and now have four more to share with you, bringing us up to six sexy previews in all. Anyone else getting more and more excited for Monday?

If not, this scene featuring Serena and Nate should help.

In fact, Serenate worshipers might need a cold shower afterward. Let's just say that it involves whipped cream and Blake Lively wearing a button-down shirt with no pants ...

[video url="" title="The Hurt Locket Sneak Preview #3"] [/video]

There's more where this came from. Much more. Follow the jump for three additional scenes from Monday's episode, including a glimpse of what the great Chuck Bass is up to ...

[video url="" title="The Hurt Locket Sneak Preview #4"] [/video]

[video url="" title="The Hurt Locket Sneak Preview #5"] [/video]

[video url="" title="The Hurt Locket Sneak Preview #6"] [/video]

Between these and the clip from the following week going around, Gossip Girl really is turning up the heat, as promised. Wow. We don't even know what to say here.

We'll leave it to you in that case. Sound off in the comments!

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i agree with the person below me, blake is so naturally gorgeous, she's like an icon for beauty.
but i still dont like her with nate. it's not even that i'm comparing her to blair and chuck, because B and C are two completely different people, and a completely different couple. i'm willing to give S and N and chance, but as of right now, the two of them together has no appeal to me, probably because it's just so typical. i want to see a crazy couple, a pair that makes me go OHMYGOD.


Are you kidding me? Blake doesn't have to try to be sexy, she IS sexy. She has such a natural beauty. Leighton is beautiful too, but she's not as raw and natural as Blake. Blake's honestly one of the most beautiful women ever.


Go Serenate!!!! I think they are cute and they're just having fun w/their relationship..remember like what Chair were having back then when everybody loves them? give serenate a chance..let them have their fun plus it's been a long wait to finally see them together since season 1..they had chemistry before especially in the wedding sex scene, they still have that chemistry..everyone is juz biased since ya'll love chair so much. Lastly, serena and dan is juz plain boring and sappy..Dan is greater being w/Georgina!


Has anyone noticed what a slut Serena is? Like her crazy weird attraction for Nate's cousin.. and now for Nate, It's funny when they talk about taking it slow, Serena is too easy to take anything slow.
I wish she had more of a back bone, but i do think the previews are HOTTTTTT!


I think it all looks like fun! I'm not sure why people are even comparing the Serena/Nate scenes with Chuck/Blair scenes. They are different couples with different histories and story lines. Serena and Nate are having fun. There is build up, but not so fraught with all the emotional turmoil we got with Chuck and Blair. Just because they are different kinds of stories doesn't make one better than the other....nor is one taking away from the other. Remember: everyone likes the ups and downs of Chuck and Blair relationship, that is part of what makes is so enjoyable.


Agree, GGorgeous. Seriously this whole time people wanted some sexyness in the show and once we get it everyones like, well GG is all about sex now. Thats just so annoying. Also Serena and Nate have had this sexual tension building between them since three years ago and i guess this a way of releasing it. Plus a lot of relationships start off physical. Its the period where they cant get enough of each other. So them being physical at first is completely fine with me. Heck im excited for it!


Wow I have just changed from a Chair fan to a Serenate fan.
Chair = Boring, same old blah blah blah, there like a married couple *Yawn*
Serenate = Hot, Fresh and Sexy I think that they should break up Chair and then gives us the tension from season 2, otherwise i just find them always soppy.
Bring back the old Chair or I am turning to a permanent Serenate fan. And for all of you who find Serenate awkward, i don’t see why?
they remind me of the good old times of seasons 1 and 2.
Also they are still young, not old and sophisticated, and if this isn’t how your uni experience is, I feel sorry for you! Sorry Chair fans it’s time to admit, IT JUST NOT THAT INTERESTING ANYMORE!


and the thing about sexy scenes between Blair and Chuck is that they are SUPPOSED to be that way. it's chuck and blair. they're supposed to be sexy and funny and risque. it's them. but serena and nate act like two high school children going at each other with whipped cream and strawberries. not gonna lie, chace is so hot in every preview i've seen with him. but the two of them together are just too awkward. i liked lady katherine with him more than i like serena with him. THAT's how much i dont like them.


^the episode you're talking about is All About My Brother from season 1, when Jenny and Blair start sending blasts about each other. also, i'm just not a huge fan of Serenate. i know everything cant be told from a few previews, but i know this show like the back of my hand, and 1) nate never lasts long with anyone, 2) this is serena's third guy of the season, 2) this is just an old flame they need to experiment with before they can permanently put it out. they'll get sick of each other so quickly, they're better as friends.


if these sex scenes were of chair then everyone would be going crazy for them. these racy and scandalous scenes are what makes gossip girl great.. what do you expect them to do, sit around and talk? what a show that would be.

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