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The Good Wife Review: "Heart"

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On this week's episode of The Good Wife, a Judge was faced with a decision on whether to rule pro-business or pro-life as an unborn child's life lay in the balance.  You would think that would have been enough to make for an entire episode on its own.

Fake Courtroom

However, on a show as incredible as The Good Wife, that part was wrapped up within the first twenty minutes.  From there Kalina did her usual dirty investigating, Will was even willing to take advantage of Peter's connections, and a delicious set of blackmailing was played out.

Of course, all of that was still laced with Peter becoming religious as Eli set out for a mere photo op, the much-hyped Alicia and Will kiss, and even a little "conjugal" visit between Alicia and Peter.

Yeah, "Heart" was an incredible episode to say the least.  Whether it was inside the courtroom, hanging with the pastor, or the sexy inner-office affair, there wasn't a moment of the hour we weren't hooked.

So what do you think, was this the best episode of the show to date?  Do you think Will and Alicia will ever discuss their kiss again?  Can Alicia and a newly religious Peter be able to fix their marriage?

Discuss in the comments after our favorite The Good Wife quotes after the jump.

Will: In a few days time, my clients baby will be dead.
Mr. Harper: Objection, your client's fetus.
Judge Parks: Thank you Mr. Harper, I'm sure we'll all feel much better with that distinction. | permalink
Eli: Religion is like a drug, in small doses it's curative, in large, it's addictive. | permalink
Judge Parks: Miss Nyholm, I get it. You're a mom. We're all impressed. Can we move this along now. | permalink
Will: If a doctor is not examining her within three minutes I will call the police and file a malpractice suit against you, personally. Don't make an enemy out of a lawyer, lady. | permalink


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