Tonight's Gossip Girl: What Did You Think? 03/29/2010

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Well? Now that this week's Gossip Girl is in the books, did it live up to the hype? Were you struck by "The Empire Strikes Jack," and in a good way? There's plenty to discuss ...

Jenny reentered the fashion world thanks to Eleanor ... but so did Agnes. Dan and Vanessa decided to go public. As for Chuck, Blair and all the drama with Jack and Elizabeth?

Well you tell us. Did you love it? Were you not a fan? Take it or leave it? What was your favorite (or least favorite) part of the episode, and what do you think will happen next?

TV Fanatic will be posting its official recap and review as soon as possible, along with Gossip Girl music, quotes, our Round Table and any news and spoilers for the coming week.

Now, we want to hear from you, the #1 Gossip Girl fan community! Weigh in on tonight's installment of Gossip Girl by leaving comments and voting in our poll below ...

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"The Empire Strikes Jack" was ...

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one more thing , where the hell is Eric , and why is constance and st. judes not shown! and dan punched chuck and nate when they fooled around with J, now when he is told that she has run of with a drug dealer he lets nate take care of it and stays behind , I mean WTF??


it is now certain, gossip girl has lost its touch!
season 3 has been a disappointment, i mean where is all the scandalous stuff ?? , why gossip girl is not playing a more involving role rather than just being a narrator! , i am not feeling the chemistry between serena and nate this season! and Chuch the bad boy that he was is now suddenly every one's protective uncle! , yea sure jack bass did add all the intrigue in the show but it is not working for me , and about the whole chuck's mother coming back and all , COME ON! that's mid day soap opera shit! i guess the main problem is that all the characters are given small separate plots to work with which is not working out! GOD i miss season 1!


UGh, i so wanted Jenny to get train raped or something! I can't stand her she has no class what so ever and I am not the least bit interested in her as a character. BOOT HER OFF!!!


Overall, I give it a 9 out of 10. Very very good. This is one of my favorite episodes of Season 3 (along with The Freshmen, They Shoot Humphreys Don't They?, and 16 Year Old Virgin). In fact, without Dan & Vanessa muddling up the episode, or with Georgina added, I might give it a perfect 10. *Agnes is a great guest character.
*I am happy for Blair if she might transfer to Columbia!
*Blair's method of blackmailing the Conwell's executive was very smart and funny.


Elise of the UES, Elizabeth admits in the show that she's not Chuck's mother. That's why she did it. She doesn't care for Chuck like a REAL mother would.

Elise of the upper east side

and how gross/twisted/evil is elizabeth?? WHY THE HELL has she stayed away from her son and fallen in love with her late husband's brother???! and then she does this to the son she abandoned??! that whole storyline is DUMB. and not that i care but the whole vanessa dressing up and getting mad for no reason was ridiculous. ugh


@ queen bee : i sent you pm. did you get it?


Wow, I hated Jenny and Nate together last season, but their last scene in Jenny's bedroom made me all warm and fluffy! I can't staaand Serenate. They don't have any chemistry, they don't have anything to talk about - all they do is having sex. I think I puke a bit in my mouth everytime I see them, ew. Jenny/Nate!! And please, give us more Chuck/Blair scenes. They're the reason most people watch the show. And really, who cares about Dan and Vanessa?


princessAna Says:
March 30th, 2010 3:57 AM im team serena and nate!!!! as for queenbee...have you not reading the books which the series is based??? serena is one of the main characters!!! wake up!!! i want jenny out!!! please!!!! Hun, I don't think you know what you're talking about and everything you just wrote doesn't make sense. Also, I have read the books and Blair is the main character. Not Serena. And if you've actually read the books, you'd really think life is unfair for Blair. Serena gets everything when not having to work at all for it. But we'll talk about the show okay sweetie? Also, this show is not about Serena. It's about Chuck and Blair. And to be honest.. I don't even ship Jenny and Nate. I just DON'T like Serena. When a problem comes up, what does she do? She gets drunk and acts emo like the world is falling apart. She's been unable to handle her own problems. Instead, everyone has to do things for her. She's promised to fight with Blair...and did nothing. Serena's idea of fighting means "Why can't you be nicer?". Oh and sleeping with your best friend's boyfriend? Classy S.


@ shivangi :
i just skipped all dan and vanessa scenes. they are just weird. i don't find their relationship endearing. and it seems nobody cared about them.


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And who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell ... You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl

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[to Jenny] That's the thing. You need to be cool to be queen. Anne Boleyn thought only with her heart and she got her head chopped off. So her daughter Elizabeth made a vow never to marry a man. She married a country. Forget boys. Keep your eye on the prize, Jenny Humphrey. You can't make people love you, but you can make them fear you. For what it's worth, you're my Queen. I choose you.