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Chuck and Blair in "The Empire Strikes Jack," next week's all-new episode of Gossip Girl. Great photo of a great couple!

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i must say they are boring now i mean chuck and blair were so much funner when they were doing scandals and playin games now it just does nothing for me honestly the only reason im watching it is to see if one of the ppl on gossip girl get prego other than that theres really nothing now that the whole jamien thing is over i loved them ugh GG


@ZealyZegers Omg i did too, also the vanessa/dan scenes. I just cant stand how in the last 4 episodes blair says something to Chuck about 'Opening yourself to me' or 'Opening yourself to your mum' or 'letting people in'.
Some of those scenes have made my stomach churn. However as @chair! so rightly puts it. We must sit back and I have faith we will love them again! As for the clothes, Blair's fashion is awful. Jenny's clothes are pretty amazing, though i would never wear grunge.


the people who say blair and chuck are getting boring well your wrong. we wanted for so long to get to together and now that they are their boring? its called them going through i relationshipp. theirs no scandels or dramma etc. until this episode or the next when the break up then the scandle comes back! i think their still awesome and they always will be! just because their settled down doesnt mean to stop watching the show. watch and see what happens nexxt!!


lol i used to feel the same way Elise of the Upper East Side! But ive given up on them now, finding them eternally boring. In the last episode, i actually found myself fast forwarded past bits of their dialogue, something i only ever reserved doing for Serena & Dan, Serena & Aaron, Serena & Gabriel etc, etc.
The only reason im even watching the show anymore is because of Jenny, i know i can't believe i can say it out loud. . . And that hat! C'mon we are supposed to believe a 19 year-old in their right minds would even try on this array?????

Elise of the upper east side

BLAIR HAS LOST IT. she used to dress amazingly and now I hate every single outfit. the dress/coat/curtain on her is heinous and what, is she the mad hatter or something?? that hat is ridiculous!! I say they bring the headbands back or something...at least make her hair pretty again, and NO MORE HATS. especially awful ones!! and chuck is so boring now. I can't stand either of them anymore and I used to LOVE both of them to death... ...fine, a little part of me still does...


From the two most fashionable characters on GG (and most of TV in general), I feel like all I've seen are white tights and Gordon Gekko suits. Give it a rest!!!!!


she looks like someone threw a big bed confiter on her lol maybe its vanessa's lmfao
and is her arm through his if so thats cute :)


I'm sorry but this outfit is hideous! even chuck thinks so! haha blair can do so much better!

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