Ahead on Smallville: Lots of Chloe!

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Sorry (some) Smallville fans, but Chloe and Oliver really are a couple.

The pairing up of “Chlollie” was highlighted last week when the duo ran into Lois and Clark at a romantic bed and breakfast. While many viewers aren't psyched about these two, producer Brian Peterson tells TV Guide Magazine:

“What’s fun about their relationship is we’re playing it differently that we’ve played other relationships, because they’ve both been very burned in love. And so the fact that they’re just having fun and enjoying each other’s companionship is something very adult and new to the show.”

So, where is all this going? Peterson didn't reveal any spoilers, but teased: “The finale has a significant Chloe/Oliver storyline.”

Chloe and Oliver

Aside from romancing Oliver, there's a lot ahead for Chloe this spring. Specifically, keep an eye on the April 20 episode "Sacrifice."

“Everything that Chloe’s been doing all year culminates in that episode,” Peterson told the magazine. “She kind of learns her lesson in what happens when you become big brother. It’s a really tense, fun episode.”

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i love chloe in smallville season 9. I will miss her in season 10. She's the best thing about smallville and i love her and oliver my ultimate favourite couple ever in smallville!!!!!!! season 9 is the best. LOVE IT


Chloe se ha convertido en el personaje mas odiado junto con lana de smallville, en cuanto a su relacion con ollie es transitoria ya que su destino es dyna, asi que lloren los que crean que estos 2 van a estar juntos por siempre,


ewwww to chloe haters!!!!!! can u just shut up freaking mouth!!!!! chloe is the best thing that happen to smallville!!!!! so suck ur pants out and shot ur head with a gun because Chloe simply rocks the freaking show!!!


screw all chloe haters!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOOO YHA!!!!!! she the best thing that smallville has!!! and now no chloe on season 10 tsk tsk means bye bye to smallville!!!!


OMG to those people who talk bad to chloe!!!! come on!! chloe'sbeen apart of smallville from the beginning!!!! and small ville is nada without her!!!!!!


Well I guess Chloe Sullivan ain't the ratings boost that her hardcore fans insist she is. Two Chloe-heavy episodes that are now the two lowest rated episodes in Smallville's history (so far)!!
I reckon the ratings for the rest of the season are going to blow chunks too!! (Especially the Lois-less Sacrifice). Pretty much following the rating drop off last season, when Chloe was also so prominent. Great job once again, showrunners!


The Chloe/Oliver hook up is so blech! Totally cringeworthy. I hope both of them are written out of the show. They are the weakest link. Goodbye!


I'm pleased to here there will be more Chloe in the weeks to come. It isn't Smallville when her character is not used. Unfortunately, given how the show has shunted her off to the side, handed over her characteristics, and broken up the friendship between the only two original cast members - a staple since the first season, I don't expect Chloe Sullivan to get the kind of ending she deserves. I don't think the people currently in charge care about the prior eight years of characterization or development. Just that fact that the finale centers around Chloe/Oliver is disappointing because I firmly believe this is AM's last season and to go out with her character only tied to Oliver means that the prior eight years really have already been forgotten. I think AM is a great actress, but Chloe was always tied to Clark and this season they sent both characters in directions that I just didn't find believable. Season 9, it seems clear to me, was pandering after only one fan base in the hope of getting another season and TPTB were very happy to toss long time viewers under the bus along with organic storylines. When AM and Chloe Sullivan are gone, then I finally can be free of Smallville forever and can then ignore the parody that's been running in its place.


The first half of season 9 was brilliant. There wasn't much Chloe - yay! The second half promises to be snoozeville if there's to be lots of the most boring character EVER created for a TV show. Miss Exposition will not be fondly remembered by me in years to come!


the first half of season nine smallville oh wait that's loisville was a total snooze fest, watching lois and clark's forced relationship did nothing for me so thank heavens that chloe is going to get more than five minutes of screen time, that means the second half is still redeemable. Chlollie is one of my favorite couples on tv, JH and AM have mad chemistry, unlike the clumsy, painful and most of the time awkward clois. and can the writers at least give clark a clue, he is such a moronic douche this season. and if chloe is not returning for season 10, while i will miss my new fave chlollie i can finally stop watching smallville. because frankly smallville without chloe, is like the dark cloud without the silver lining, and i've had my fill of rainy days

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