American Idol Exit Interview: Tim Urban

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While American Idol gave back a lot this week, it also took one thing away: Tim Urban's dreams of winning the season nine title.

The good-natured, smiley young singer was eliminated on Wednesday night, following a lackluster version of "Better Days" on Tuesdays. But the optimistic crooner says better days are still ahead, as he told Entertainment Weekly yesterday...

On his relationship to his fellow Idols: I feel like we have an awful lot of fun backstage. We’re all like a family and everyone has a role. My role was to be the lighthearted guy who encourages people. So I thought it was really funny that that’s what they chose to talk about: my smile.

The Elimination of Tim Urban

On the song that resulted in his elimination: I thought they were either really going to love it or think I was reaching too far. I wasn’t shocked by their reaction to it. I was hoping it was going to be another step in my growth. I’m happy with it though. I watched it back and I thought it was a pretty good performance for me.

On future plans: I would love to pursue music and I would also love to pursue acting. I’m open to whatever is out there. If I did acting, I would still be doing music. And if I did music, I would still be trying to act.

Read the full interview at and sound off: Were you sad to see Tim go home?

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