Early Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Scandalous "Dr. Estrangeloved" Promo

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Earlier today we posted a new batch of Gossip Girl sneak previews for this coming Monday's episode, "The Unblairable Lightness of Being." Now, we're fast forwarding a bit.

To April 26, that is. Apparently, there's no new episode on the 19th (?) but in any case, "Dr. Estrangeloved" looks like it will make up for that one-week layoff and then some.

In the promo below, it appears that Jenny Humphrey goes totally off the rails, making her move on Nate and threatening his romance with Serena using a three-step plan:

  1. Create doubt.
  2. Seduce.
  3. Close the deal.

Is she taking her plot so far that she sets into motion a chain reaction which leaves Jenny off the show for part or all of next season? Looks more and more that way.

Meanwhile, there are some brief images of Chuck in the "Dr. Estrangeloved" promo that may make despondent Chair fans cringe. Just warning you ahead of time there.

Check out the promo here and share your comments below ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/dr-strangeloved-promo/" title="Dr. Strangeloved Promo"] [/video]

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i just really dont like jenny


I love chair to and chuck really should leave the whores to themselves ,he has alot of begging to do no time for whores ,only blair chair foever.........


what the hell is chuck doing?


im tired of ppl saying how much they hate chuck, i mean first yall say tht chuck is acting all boing and now he is like he used to be and yall r still disappointed and the writers r great so yall should stop critizing them, without them the show wouldnt be the same.And also some ppl think tht chuck is acting even worse than he did in the first season and thts not true, its chuck, if yall all of a sudden stop liking him because of the thing with blair and jenny and that girl in his room than yall obviously dont know chuck and as much as he loves blair he is still going to sleep with other girls if they r not together like he always does, its the same chuck, not any worse so if yall dont like him now than yall never liked him Chair4ever!


Where the heck was Blair during this whole preview?! I'm so sad that Blair and Chuck aren't together right now. I seriously felt my heart break when Blair told Chuck "This is the end." ahhhhhh! This can't be happening! They NEED to be back together! GG is sooooo boring without them! &I'm so tired of Nate and Serena! Yeah they've loved each other for so long. Blah blah blah! But she was in love with his cousin and then all of a sudden she loves him? And they're so BORING! Even when there's drama between them I feel like I want to fall asleep! CHAIR needs to get back together! And I hate how Chuck is acting like a douche again by sleeping with whores!


I need chuck and blair together. Seriously, they are perfect for each other. But well, I kinda understand Blair though... the whole ashamed of herself with being with Chuck... So, pissed off with chuck he didn't even try hard enough in the last episode... i mean can't he see that Blair really hurted and all he thought was she didn't sleep with Jack... I agreed with Naya that there might be some DAIR going on... Well, this can be interesting... since Blair was starting to talk about the whole nice and simple and lovely relationship... Can't wait to see what will be happening in this Dr. Strangeloved season... Though eventually, Chuck and Blair need to b together.... Like Chuck said,,,, they are magnetic... I miss CHAIR


Why does everyone hate Jenny and Nate together. I think that they would be great together, I also think that Serena was made for Baizen but she is trying to convice herself that she likes Nate. If anything bring back Derena although him and Vanessa are really good together but they need to spice their storyline up more. Lastly Chuck and Blair is the couple that always end up in each others arms abit some bruises but only time will tell what the people (a.k.a. the writers that put Snatena together and destroyed Jate in season 2) will do, hopefully they will get back together somehow.


Jessica: no she didn't. There's a video going around where the paparazzi dude asked her what's going on with gossip girl and she said "It's done, dude," meaning they were finished filming the season.


dont give a crap as long as thier is chair and soon.......

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