First Look: Demi Lovato on Grey's Anatomy!

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Meeting the Grey's Anatomy cast was already a dream for rising star Demi Lovato. Now it's come true, with the 17-year-old actress acting right along side them!

"The first two actors I met were Justin Chambers and Jessica Capshaw, and I was like, ‘There’s Karev and Arizona!’ Then I met Patrick Dempsey," she recalled.

On a tour of the hospital set for her May 13 guest role, she picked up a patient’s chart and pretended to make rounds. But Demi’s not playing a med student.

Instead, she will be portraying a frightened patient named Hayley, who might suffer from schizophrenia. See claw marks in this photo obtained by TV Guide ...

Demi on Grey's

A relatively new fan of Grey’s Anatomy, Lovato began catching up on the series during breaks on the set of Camp Rock: The Final Jam, her Disney Channel sequel airing in July.

“Grey’s is a dream role for her,” says Camp Rock co-star and real-life boyfriend Joe Jonas. “It’s great people are going to see her do different things. I’m really proud of her.”

The episode will also showcase just how good a doctor Karev has become: “Alex has definitely worked on his bedside manner,” says Chambers, whose character will continue his workout between the sheets with Lexie, now that he’s divorcing Izzie.

As we said last week, Justin Chambers has come into his own this season as Alex, and unlike some cast members, wants to stay right where he is indefinitely:

“With five kids, I don’t want to be traveling from one show, one film to the next. I want to stay here and watch my kids grow up. Grey’s Anatomy is a good job for my lifestyle. I like it here.”

No complaints here.

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I have never, ever liked Alex! He has done too many bad things to too many. I have watched every episode and every rerun from day one. BEST, BEST show on TV. I only get upset with Alex (and now Owen)and when they treat it too much like a soap opera.


yeah im not a fan of this show either but i love demi so im gonna watch it! shes such a great actress/singer! shes gonna do great! =) GO DEMI


I'm not a huge fan of this show, but once I heard Demi Lovato was gonna be in it, I figured I had to watch it. Demi is amazing, and I can't wait for this episode to air!


@soso OMG This girl stabs Derek and then kills April, since she is always working with Derek lately.


The photo shows this character seems to have cut herself. She met PD, so is Der going to have some contact with her? Could she be the one who attacks Der? I'm not sure now I've written it, cos that was an ER plot where Carter got stabbed and his intern(Lucy?) died.


I didn't want to ask but I have to. Can someone tell me how do you go from Faye Dunaway, Tyne Daly, and Mary McDonnell who are excellent actresses being the high profile guests stars to Mandy Moore and Demi Lovato, two amateurs being the high profile guest stars this season?

Mrs sheperd dempsey

I just adore Demi! This is a dream come true 4 me!


I hope GA will run for eight seasons. But all good things come to an end. 24 was really ground breaking, but has recognised it's time to go ouot on a high. Hope GA producers recognise that too.


great...more alex and lexie..cant wait :(
this has to end. NO CHEMISTRY!!!


I can't wait anymore!! 2 weeks .. its killing me , 1 week was harsh but two more, really it's insufferable.

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