Gossip Girl Poster Teases Arrival of Serena's Dad

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With all the talk of Chuck and Blair dominating many Gossip Girl discussions following this week's chilling episode, another development hinted at throughout the first half of the season has been put on the back burner ... but apparently not for much longer.

A new poster for CW sweeps week features Serena and her long lost father, played by William Baldwin, finally reunited. We're not 100 percent sure of the date of Baldwin's first appearance, however, the April 26 episode is called "It’s a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World," so ...

The poster's tagline? Daddy's back and they've made up ... everything.

Tell us what you make of that cryptic teaser and the poster below:

Serena and Her Dad

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So THIS is why Carter's back. No romance for Carena? :( Jenny can have Nate is Serena can have Carter!


i don't think that he is going to be fake cause they have already done a similar story line with chuck. it would be a bit lame repeating it.


Carter probably comes back to tell Serena something about her dad and that's how they entrance him in. However who cares, I'd much rather talk about Chuck and Blair.


i think the poster implies that the whole things made up i don't know maybe a scam possibly something to do with carter


What if her dad "comes back" acting like he's returning to Serena's life only it's not to be a fatherly figure like Serena was hoping for. What if he hits on her? Seriously, this is Gossip girl. What would be more messed up than that? OK it could get worse if the incestuous attention wasn't unwelcome. *shudders* We're willing to hope for better things until then.


This is a beautiful picture of Blake Lively. I'm excited for Daddy VDW's return!


I think Lily would notice if it wasn't the real Mr. Van der Woodsen. So, maybe why he left and why he hasn't been in touch, but I think there may be some alter motives behind his return. I doubt we'll have a fairy-tale happy ending with dad. I really hope he is the one at the hotel at the end of the promo (for next week) when they show Serena's shocked face.


She is the goddess material.I always think she is the most stunning girl ever.Even without the make up ,she still looks like a goddess


this is the best picture of serena by far. She looks like a gorgeous woman. The classy elegant look works for her. as far as the tagline. i think either two things:
-there is some misinterpretation regarding why he left s & e. hence, "they made up everything" come on lily is known to be a liar.
-carter hired some man to play serena's father just to see her happy. the latter seems a bit cruel and far fetched so i assume its the first theory.


perhaps they are playing with words? by "made up" they could mean all is forgiven and that they are moving on, but it could be that someone "made up" a fake daddy? a fake story perhaps? :S

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