Gossip Girl Review: "The Unblairable Lightness of Being"

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Should Blair have forgiven Chuck? Will she and Dan hook up? Can Serena and Nate get past this? Should Jenny Humphrey be rolled up in a carpet and tossed off a bridge?

Wedding bells were a-ringing on Gossip Girl Monday, but the joy experienced by long-suffering maid Dorota belied the deceit, drama and unraveling of other relationships.

This is the Upper East Side, after all. A Dorota-centric episode might have made "The Unblairable Lightness of Being" boring at times, but was plenty to keep it compelling.

Bittersweet and emotional, alternately scandalous and sweet, over-the-top serious and then hilarious (was that "I Got a Feeling" on accordion?!), this was still vintage GG.

We start with Chuck and Blair, still reeling from last week and the awful situation he put her in, and wants forgiveness for. He says they're inevitable, and he may be right.

But did he push it too far this time, even by UES standards?

In typical Chuck fashion, he senses opportunity and goes for it, agreeing to throw Dorota a lavish wedding because he's such a good guy ... and wants Blair to realize it.

Mr. and Mrs. Dorota!

It's not that simple, of course. They still dispute who’s at fault for what happened with Jack, and Blair confesses (to Dan of all people) that she’s also angry with herself.

She doesn’t who she becomes when she's around Chuck. That's a new, interesting twist - B isn't just crushed, but questioning whether she and C even belong together.

Vanya and Dorota happily wed, which really was cute, despite the obvious plot hole of how Chair qualified as the "happy couple" that the ceremony required participate.

Afterward, Blair tells Chuck they can't be together because ... wait for it ... she’s afraid she loves him too much. It stings. She walks away into the arms of Dan to dance.

Might this be the long-rumored Dan and Blair hookup that fans have predicted? Or just an innocent dance on the bumpy road that is the inevitable love story of Chair?

Meanwhile, there's Jenny. Oh, there's Jenny alright.

The devious one is still doing all she can to break up Nate and Serena, and it's not cool. However, Serena basically lobs her a softball by secretly meeting Carter Baizen.

He's back in NYC with intel on her dad, which is basically what brought him here to begin Season 3. Naturally, Nate catches them sneaking around and naturally, S lies.

Later, Serena explains to Nate that Carter knows something about her dad, and after distrustful Nate tells her not to see him, she snaps that he can't order her around.

At Dorota’s wedding, Carter shows up and tells Serena that he knows where the doctor is and has been this whole time: Palm Beach, Florida. He also bought her a ticket.

Of course, this being Baizen, there's always another layer. When S learns he held out on that info for a week just to have an excuse to see her, she goes to Florida solo.

Probably for the best there, S. Guy is bad news! We love that Carter keeps coming back, but this time it seemed a tad forced. Maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised later.

The drama continues when she calls Nate from Florida and Jenny picks up his GD phone. Serena asks Jenny to please have Nate call her, and to tell her she loves him.

Jenny will be doing nothing of the sort, thankyouverymuch.

What do you suppose Jenny's endgame is? No way this is going to end well. No way. Will her scheming get her what she wants, or ultimately drive her out of the UES?

Meanwhile, there was a cute side plot with Eric and his new crush, Elliot, who he learns has a girlfriend, but is actually bisexual ... with a crush on Eric. That's a new one!

Speaking of Humphreys, van der Woodsens and relationships, Rufus' story line is about to tie in to Serena's in a big way when Lily lies, of course, about her whereabouts.

Does that woman ever tell the truth? When he can't get a hold of his wife and CeCe won’t tell him where Lily is either, Rufus remains clueless at the end. But we do not.

When Serena knocks on the door to what we can only assume is her father’s hotel room in Florida, none other than Lily answers the door in a bathrobe. Great ending.

What did you think of this Gossip Girl episode? What were your favorite and least favorite aspects last night? Comment away and vote below!


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Enjoying the Dan and Blair chemistry. BTW- it was about time Blair and Chuck broke- their stotrylines have been really boring this season... until now.


I'm kinda liking the Dan-Blair idea. Ever since early in this season when Dan was showing Blair how to be cool at NYU (esp. when Dan removed Blair's headband at a party), I've secretly wished that they'd hook up and I think now we're getting there. I like the idea of how different these two are and yet they could make something work. I'd like to see the dynamics of being in a relationship with two people who are as different as night and day. It's about time Dan gets a decent story line. It feels like he's been in the back burner for too long now. As for Chair, of course the writers wouldn't keep them together the during the entire run of this show (they've been together for most of the season, that's years in TV land). They need to do that to keep things fresh. They'd break them up but in the end they'll get back together. It's like Ross and Rachel on Friends. I loved this episode. I loved the fact that Vanessa isn't in it. Oh, and I'm so glad that Jenny will be absent for most of Season 4. Great news!!!


what is clear is that chuck and blair are GOSSIP GIRL all the show is focus on the relationship of this two . but we should give them a break and let dan and blair happend.
this is something we have never seen before and it would be really funny to see those two hooking up for a couple of episodes , seens chuck and blair are MEANT TO BE this would not last !
And besides
blair dont like the person she has become with chuck the girl just want to try having a relationship with someone with an actual "soul" as dan humphery


if you want Dair then why is your nick still blairbass? shouldn't you change it to blairhumphrey?


I only have 3 'REALLY? LIKE F*CKING REALLY?' in mind:
Writers, you've got to be kidding! By now, I think we all know that if they put these 'little signs' in an episode, something's gonna happen (remember Nate helping Blair which ended up as being them going out again in season two?) Well, yeah. They better NOT make this happen.
God. Can she be more pathetic? Wrong question, we all know the answer. I MEANT CAN SHE JUST STFU & GTFO FOR GOD'S SAKES? Can't she just go back to none-bitch-attitude she had in season 1. I liked that Jenny, in fact, I MISS THAT JENNY. The one she's becoming is just pissing me off more than anything else. Saw the next episode trailer? If YOU don't want to strangle her, than, my friend I admire your none-violent thoughts.
THIRD: I WATCHED A GG EPISODE & I'M MORE PISSED/SAD then anything else. Yeah let's add a last 'REALLY? LIKE F*CKING REALLY?' BECAUSE THIS EPISODE WAS FULL OF IT. Yeah, it's GG, it's drama and I love to hate it..


if Dan and Blair end up together on this show...I WILL NEVER WATCH GOSSIP GIRL AGAIN. Chair forever


no dair, that will be disgusting, just cause theres only 6 characters doesnt mean ALL of them have to get together exspecially not DAN AND BLAIR. NO!


oh my! i was like What???? despite all of the Efforts and sacrifice BLair has given to Chuck which includes "HERSELF"..you guys still think that Blair should be the one whose Chasing ChuCk if ever, Chuck is gonna hook up with Jenny??? eeeewwww!!! that was like? WTF? even if they are the most EVIL couple, i loVE! i can't forgive CHUCK for what he did...and I think he is the One who should chase for BLair,,,duh...it's true even on Season 2 when Blair Said "I love you so much, it Consumes me"....She has no POWER,Supremacy and Character If she is with CHUCK....she is "QUEEN B" with or w/out MotherCHUCKer!!! for that I might consider a new and fresh "DAIR"...as I can remember, i read it here previously when someone said "CHAIR is so 2009, and so as DAIR is for 2010"...


I really didn't like this episode, so heartbreaking. I want chair and serenate back now!


No dair, please. It would make me cringe.

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