Gossip Girl Spoilers: Vanessa Leaving Town?!

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There's craziness coming our way as the third Gossip Girl season winds down, and aside from whether Chair and Serenate end up together, we may say goodbye to a familiar face.

Or two.

On the heels of the news that the meddling Jenny may be leaving the Upper East Side this season, it looks like another female regular will be heading off into the sunset.

The question is whether anyone minds - or wants her to come back.

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According to reports, Vanessa will be leaving not only New York but the country before the end of the season, running off to accept a very fancy, far away job with CNN.

Jessica Szohr is the second female, along with Taylor Momsen's MIA Little J, to depart New York City - however both ladies will still be listed as series regulars next fall.

As for what Little J will do that leads to her departure, word has it "it's a culmination of lots of things Jenny does to multiple people." That doesn't sound good at all.

In the short term, don't expect Serena to continue to sit idly by now that she knows Jenny tried to hone in on Nate. The two are headed for some rough times ahead.

What do you think drives J out of town - and are you excited to be rid of Vanessa, albeit temporarily? Should she even come back? Sound off below!

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I thought Jenny made the story more dramatic and more interesting. As annoying as she was, I actually think Taylor momsen is a good actress, the type that makes the audience feel what they ought to feel. She did have some kind of chemistry with the guys on the show, but I personally never liked her with any of them. I want the 5 main regulars to simply somehow just share among themselves.................... As for Vanessa, I feel sorry for her, but I really hated her on the show, since the episode she appeared. She made Dan boring, and no offence really ruined the image of a 'good girl' to this drama. She was supposed to make a contrast between herself and the rich girls serena and Blair, but she made herself out to be purely a bad actress. She ruined her image several times to be the villain that tries to ruin the relationship, but never actually does it right; for one no ones on her side, for two the relationships she wants to break are strong bonds between the real series regular.
The one of only reason I kind of feel bad for her is because she broke up with Ed, since she was the one that cheated. I'm glad she's the one leaving though. Since Ed was the one who got cheated, and by one of his guy friends too, normally it would be the angry one in the break up that wants to leave. BUT NO CHUCK CANNOT LEAVE GG!!! Vanessa was an useless character anyways, I start to wonder did she only get into GG be because of connections -- so the scriptwriters had to add a new weird character around there.




Hahahaha all you people are stupid & imature people seriously reading the comments I am like seriously thank god she's leaving GG with a dumb fanbase like this why would she stay in GG , on the Ed subject after she cheated on her he went back to her I bet if she calls him back he will run towards her like a puppy because he loves her. On the who CHAIR crazy dellision all you guys have its not going to happen because just because they have sparks on screen does not mean they would have in real life do remember Ed is nothing like Chuck and Leighton is nothing like Blair , so you guys can take your little dreams and dump them down the drains. Her acting is so bad yeah that's why she was in Piranha 3D and she has other things going on , you guys clearly don't know nothing on acting because non of yous are actors , as an actress in learning I can tell who is doing good or not , I bet some of your voices are worse than hers and that people get annoyed with your voices too. With vanessa gone I wonder who you guys will try and hate on and poor girl she might as well as leave the show with a bunch of losers that clearly watch the show to insult her. "YAY shes leaving , there's a god" seriously you guys are fools , never had so much sarcastic laughter as I read your little stupid comments.


Yes!!! send Vanessa away FOREVER!! the show DOES NOT need her!!! woohoo!!1 and as for any idea of Dair i say DONT!!! that would be terrible, there is NO chemistry at all! i like them being friends its funny, but them as a couple would just be painful to watch!!! chuck and blair forever!!!


oh yes please
it'll be Gossip Girl Heaven if they BOTH just LEAVE like they should.
i was a little sad about Jenny leaving but Vanessa leaving? HELL YEAH BABY!


GO AWAY VANESSA! I hate her! And she can take Dan with her if she wants! They're both BORING!


wooohoooooooooo please goooo far far awayyyy and never come back everrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i am veryveryvery happy that jenny is leaving town, i have alwayas liked her but always liked serena more, and if jenny was to ever do anything to serena, i would be a serena fan. jenny probably does some horrible things to people and then get's sent to boarding school,
i am not happy to see vanessa go though, i really like vanessa.
oh and btw. the pics of the humphreys/vdw at the train station, notice how serena isn't there to say goodbye? she's probably off celebrating with nate :) hehe


I like vanessa, not my favorite but still likeable. jenny leaving I am thrilled with, can't stand the character nor the actress. If the character returns I hope its with a different actress.


Well, Georgina was quite smitten with Dan at the start of season 3, which is partly why I'm not all that excited for her return. We got promised big drama and she really didn't accomplish all that much. She just whined over Dan for a few episodes then told everyone that Scott was Rufus and Lily's kid. Great job Georgie! I loved her in season one, back when she was legit evil, now I can only hope that they use her to pull off something truly awesome. Give me Dair!1

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