Gossip Girl: The Final Three Episode Summaries

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Just three episodes remain in Season Three of Gossip Girl, and with so many story lines hanging into the balance, we could be in for a terrific conclusion to the year.

Of course, it could be bitterly disappointing as well, but an uneven Season Two was salvaged by its finale, so we have faith that this May will deliver the goods too.

Especially with Stephanie Savage herself writing the final episode.

Here are the synopses for the final three episodes of the season from the CW. Read on and share your comments on what these open-ended summaries mean:

May 3: "It’s a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World"

Will's return to the Upper East Side continues to cause problems for Serena, Lily and his longtime rival, Rufus. Serena and Jenny's relationship is strained as a result of Jenny's deception. Blair spends time on the Columbia campus and realizes where she truly belongs. Dan learns that Vanessa has been keeping yet another secret from him (see videos and pics).

Dr. and Serena van der Woodsen

May 10: "Ex-Husbands and Wives"

When things get tense between Rufus and Will, Serena chooses to stand behind her dad, making Rufus feel like an outsider within his own family. After many failed attempts, Chuck makes one last grand gesture to reconcile with Blair, hoping she will finally accept the fact that they are destined to be together. Meanwhile, Jenny deliberately shares information with Will that may ultimately destroy Lily and Rufus' marriage (see pictures).

What Will She Choose?

May 17: "Last Tango, Then Paris"

Blair must decide whether to meet Chuck at the top of the Empire State Building or risk losing their future together. A Gossip Girl gossip bomb involving Dan causes major problems for Serena and Nate. Vanessa leaves New York for a job with CNN. Dorota gives birth to her first child, while Georgina Sparks returns to the Upper East Side ... and she has an agenda (see photos).

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she can take advantage of him when he is drunk, like he said " girls don't know that"? (to jenny)


If Chuck sleeps with Whoregina, I will not watch the show anymore.


I think that Georginas "agenda" has something to do with Dan,
and not so much Blair and/or Chuck, but hey, maybe i'm totally wrong?


i meant "sleeping with chuck to get revenge on BLAIR would be soooo "the old georgina"


On the pictures it really looks like blair is too late (because she stands in chucks appartement with the pink flowers in her hands) i think because dorota gets her baby. After Blair didn´t see chuck on the ESB she drives to his appartement and caught chuck and WHOREgina in bed .. (because chuck thinks blair doesn´t loves him anymore) On the pictures Blair looks very sad and Chuck is in his robe.. on a other picture we see chuck and georgina in Chuck´s appartement. BUT maybe this is just what the Spoilers wanted us to think!!!!!! Could CW really be so cruel and give us a 2-minutes chair promo when the doesn´t even get back together?
Chuck sleeping whit georgina would totally destroy chair .. i have no idee how chuck should fix this .. and chuck and blair have to be endgame!!
and remember .. a while ago there where spoilers who said "georgina will come back and she will have a totally different character"
sleeping with chuck to get revenge on chuck would be soooo "the old goergina" sorry for my bad english


Well the ESB scene is based off one from the movie "An Affair to Remember" So basically I think Blair will be late showing up to the ESB b/c of Dorota's pregnancy. Chuck will think that Blair doesn't love him anymore. And then Georgina will "comfort" Chuck as revenge against Blair.


PLEASE people, what's up with all this "OMG CHUCK IS GONNA HOOK UP WITH G!!" Just because there's a picture of them doesn't automatically involve sex... And frankly, I doubt Chuck would do such thing, even desperate and drunk off his *ss.
Anyway, I hope Blair chooses Chuck, because a) Chair is 90% why I watch the show ; b) If she doesn't, I'm gonna spend the whole summer being pissed ; c) If Dair EVER happens, I'm really gonna vomit. Nuff said.




I hope Blair gives a second chance to Chuck because its obvious that being apart is like a torture to both.I want them together.I can't stand to see them with the others.


why don't the writers have the ability to write a good story about an intersting couple like chair.they are always good at seperating and destroying couples because its easier to write.but you should now that will they won't they thing is no longer valid and intersting for us.you must try to keep chair together with some really enjoyable stories.if you give Dan more scenes than chair its inevitable to be boring.kill that Dan and give CHAÄ°R more screen time than the others.

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