Holly Marie Combs Speaks on Pretty Little Liars, Return to Television

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Holly Marie Combs is on her way back to television.

The former Charmed star hasn't appeared regularly on the small screen since that show ended in 2006. But Combs will help anchor Pretty Little Liars, a highly-anticipated ABC Family series that premieres this June.

Combs will take on the role of Ella Montgomery, a character she discussed this week with The New York Post. Excerpts from the interview follow...

On why she chose Pretty Little Liars: What I wanted to do this pilot season was find something that was worth leaving my kids for. This show was seamless - they said I would work two to three days a week on this contemporary series and remain a float in the business. At the same time, I could be home long enough to make my kids realize they weren’t raised by nannies. Which is my biggest goal at the moment.

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On her character: Ella is like the very modern, laid-back mom who lets her kids be individuals. She’s the very liberal mom, which I myself am not. So I have a little bit of a struggle.

On the show adhering the book series on which it's based: We're trying to cover everything the books encompass in a way that makes everybody feel satisfied. Which is basically an impossible task. The books had a very big following as it was, so there’s some responsibility to be loyal to what's in them. But that being said, we’re going to go through them very quickly.

I think Ella’s husband doesn’t have an affair till the second book and we have that in the first episode. We’re expediting storylines. And from what I heard, they get divorced and Ella begins dating younger men. Which kind of horrifies me.

Pretty Little Liars debuts on June 8. Will you tune in for it?

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when does pretty little liars return to television.


Holly M.Combs you the the best ..... I was watching pretty little liars and then I saw you wow.....you the best ...I love charmed still watching over and over again....you are my favorite actress I love you ....


Holly i have watched every episode of charmed about a billion times you are my like personality idol! haha! I looooove your work! You are the best and my favorite actress!


Is Holly Marie Combs playing the kinda chick that u know (sleeps with YOUNGER MEN) if EWWW OMG XO


i love holly!


Holly is Awesome and she needs to get back on the big screen


holly i love your work i love your work on charmed you wire verry good but if you can not read this i am so very sorry i love you shannen alsana and roise ilove allyou gays even the purson that plted your mum on charmed please wirte back looooooooooooooooooooooooooove leah


go for it holly! i will watch this show simply because your on it!!


Holly Marie Combs hope you have luck and you can choose the main character of this cerium because you're an intelligent woman, and you're pretty good astor I hope they do just as Piper Halliwell not waste this opportunity because you may well overdue LUCK


Love Holly.... Id Watch Anything She Appeared On. My Fave Actor. I Actually Googled "Holly Marie Combs 2010" To See If She Was Going To Be In Anything :D Anything she's in, im so there :P

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