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"A is for Answers"

On the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 finale Alison comes out of hiding and confides in her friends, telling them what happened the night she disappeared.

Questions continu to surround Mrs. DiLaurentis this week? Could she be A?

"Cover for Me"

Emily searches for answers about Ezra and Mona this week on Pretty Little Liars. Meanwhile, Hanna starts her own search.

"She's Come Undone"

How will Aria react to the big news concering Ezra? As we find out here, not well.

It all comes out on this episode of Pretty Little Liars. Yes, Aria learns the truth about Ezra.

"Shadow Play"

On a black and white episode of Pretty Little Liars, Spencer tries to pull all the pieces of the mystery together by going back to the 1940s.

"Hot for Teacher"

Spencer's friends are concerned as her hunch takes its toll on her on Pretty Little Liars.

"Bite Your Tongue"

Aria gets upset with Mike on this Pretty Little Liars episode. Elsewhere, Spencer is all about solving the mystery of Ali's diary.

"Close Encounters"

When Shana returns, the girls question whether she and her messages from Ali can be trusted on Pretty Little Liars.

"Love ShAck Baby"

The girls read through Ali's diary looking for answers on Pretty Little Liars.