Marion Ross to Guest Star on Grey's Anatomy

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Marion Ross will soon be popping up on Grey's Anatomy, according to TV Guide.

The 81-year-old actress, beloved for her role as the mom on Happy Days, and more recently seen as the mother of Brothers & Sisters' Nora Walker (Sally Field), Marion will not be crossing over, per se, but playing a new character altogether at Seattle Grace.

"Marion plays an older patient who has an amazing epic love story with another older patient in the hospital," says Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes.

"She did beautiful, beautiful work and was delightful."

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Marion Ross' take on her Grey's Anatomy appearance?

"Our two gurneys pass each other – and there is a man I had a romance with fifty years ago," tells Marion, who shares scenes with Sandra Oh's Cristina Yang.

"It was such a joy for me."

She appears May 13.

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Marion Ross was just absolutely wonderful on Grey's Anatomy, her SL was magical, she is still in love with the first man she fell in love with, but he was engaged to her friend so she left, but they never stopped loving each other even though they got married to other people and had families. They decided after 50 years that they should live together. It was very sweet to watch.


i would have liked a lexie and mark storyline with her being it is a love story. i want them back together but it seems like it isn't gonna happen. Cristina has changed a lot since being with Owen and I don't really like the changes. Maybe this will be what brings Owen and Teddy back together.


I do like the fact that GA does do storylines that reflect the full the range of ages of people that would use a hospital. Great that good actresses especially can be employed once they're over a certain age too.


If Marion Ross' character is interacting with Cristina, it must mean she may have a cardio problem. You always hear of love stories that span a lifetime, sounds like a very good episode can't wait.


ABC must be desperate.......leave these oldies in retirement....BRING BACK IZZIE.....BRING BACK IZZIE......BRING BACK better pull your socks up ABC or this programme will be ending up like ER


I think it sounds like a really cute story line but I wish it wasn't with Christina. She isn't funny anymore and i am not really enjoying Owen's Anatomy. I think it should be with MerDer as their doctors.

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