More Gossip Girl Sneak Previews: "Inglorious Bassterds"

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The puzzle is beginning to take shape.

We don't know quite what's going to go down between Blair, Chuck and Jack on Monday's all-new Gossip Girl, but we do know Blair supposedly wears a Matthew Williamson dress ... which we now see her picking out in a newly-released sneak preview clip.

So what did Chuck do? Your guess is as good as ours. But it doesn't look good.

Also not looking good? Jenny's prospects for not getting killed by fans, based on another new clip. The first sneak previews we posted showed her making a move on Nate. She continues her pursuit after the jump ... we shudder to think how this ends.

Click for four more peeks of "Inglorious Bassterds" and share your thoughts:

[video url="" title="Inglorious Bassterds Sneak Preview #3"][/video]

[video url="" title="Inglorious Bassterds Sneak Preview #4"][/video]

[video url="" title="Inglorious Bassterds Sneak Preview #5"][/video]

[video url="" title="Inglorious Bassterds Sneak Preview #6"][/video]

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Jenny needs to go... Please, enough already!


" cookies like hearts, need knives and bullets and little bombs that go boom!" I love Dorota! And I love Eric...jussayin ----


UGH. Can't they just bring someone new on the show for Jenny? I hated the Jenny/Nate storyline in the book and it was just as terrible on the show. I'm not a huge fan of Serena and Nate, but they are kind of cute. I wouldn't be heartbroken if they do break up, but why do they need to throw this storyline at us? Boring.


Can Jenny please go to boarding school and DIE! IF you're a Jenny fan, in boarding school there's that hot kid Easy Walsh. SHE CAN GO STEAL HIM!!!


Great spoilers !!!! xD


And: "A visitor[Georgina] brings scandal to the Upper East Side and no one is safe."


A few spoilers for future episodes:
-Chuck attempts to stop Blair from moving on, by any means necessary.
-Nate discovers that some old loves aren't so easy to leave behind.
-Blair faces a crisis in identity
-Dan makes the ultimate sacrifice for love
-Serena tells Nate she is having breakfast with the Humphreys when in reality she’s secretly meeting up with Carter Baizen.
-Jenny learns Damien has been arrested and fears the consequences of her past actions


I hate the GG writers!
they've totally ruined Chair!!!!
GG was fantastic at first but because of the writer's fault it sucks now!
Glee is a much better show now....


OMG! When i started watching this tv show i thought okay... dan and serena perfect together and i thought that even if nate was in love with her,she is better for now with dan cause he is actually normal and he cared for her and loved her and his first time was with her and etc. But in season 2.. omg serena dated aron,and this popy lifton's boufriend and then she was single came back from a wild summer where she had sex with a lot of boys including.. carter who she started dating eventually and then tripp... but when i saw her and nate where nate told her that he loved her and that she is amazing and when he told her that he wants a chance with her,and the fact that he went to get her home and then they got together finally and he seemed so in love and she seemed happy and she seems happy now.. and wait a minute yes they have sex a lot but this is one of the points of serenate ... they're both hot,they loved each other like crazy... and they're the golden couple and friends... and it's not just sex.. i mean they dated for 3 episodes.. and there was a scene where serena called her father and nate was there for her it was a good scene. I like them together .. she is better off with hime than with dan or someone else...they're like marissa and ryan .... a lot of drama,spliting up and getting back together and stuff but they never stopped loving each other i read that nate will be faithfull to serena till the end of the season... maybe next too noone knows. And jenny she's not good with nate she never was... i mean they were together for 2 episodes.. and not really together right,they just kissed,and then they haven't talked like... ages and now they're good together? Oh come on.. and blair and chuck... well do you know why the whriters are doing this? Because they have become boring! Because there is no flame and sexy scenes anymore for them... everyone misses the blair and chuck from season 1 and i guess they will go back together but let's see them apart for the end of the season,and next season maybe they will go back together,and vanessa and dan... won't last long i mean they're really good as friends,, they will always have something but i think they're boring together so...... they won't last long too


Is this all what happens with nate/jenny/serena in the episode ?

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