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NCIS: Los Angeles Spoilers: Dom Found!?

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He's been missing ever since, well, "Missing." The January 26 episode of NCIS: Los Angeles shockingly saw one of the Special Projects office's own agents abducted.

The case went cold soon after.

Is it about to be reopened, though? The May 4 episode of the NCIS spinoff is called "Found," which alone got us thinking that Agent Dom Vail might reappear.

There's no doubt now, since the abducted character played by Adam Jamal Craig can be seen in the below after Callen & Co. get a tip about his whereabouts.

But we still don't know if he makes it, or why he was abducted in the first place. Any theories on either component to this unraveling NCIS: LA mystery?


Agent Dom Vail has been gone for months. Now he's been found - at least by viewers. He looks to be in dire straits, however. Will the NCIS: Los Angeles team get to him in time?

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i was so suprised to see dom leave he was funny at times i hope they find him before it is too late


√ Adam Jamal Craig (Dominic Vail) IS LEAVING NCIS: Los Angeles —

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