Private Practice Spoilers: An Engagement, Another Happy Ending!

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As the show's third season winds down, most Private Practice spoilers have centered around which character dies. Now here are some slightly more uplifting teasers.

According to TV Guide, one couple gets engaged before Season Three ends, but it sounds like there will be more than one happy ending on tap at Oceanside/Pacific.

"Almost everybody gets hooked up," Amy Brenneman (Violet) says.

"But not necessarily with who you think they might get hooked up to," she added. "It kind of reminds me of a Shakespeare play in that sense."

"Almost everybody is holding somebody's hand by the end."

Addie Montgomery

Any thoughts on who that might be? We've seen indications that Addison is happy at the way things turn out, but we still don't know if that's true ... or with who.

Share your theories and comments below!

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It NEEDS to be Violet/Pete, Sam/Addie, Cooper/Charlotte and Naomi/Fife!!!!


I'm for Addison and Pete tooo!!! Please!!!!


Chris Lowell is leaving the show... so i guess we have our dead man (but there's rumors saaying that Audra would like to quit too so maybe two deaths?)


I really want Addison to be happy with Pete, and Sam to just let her go! When it comes to the dying part...Well I definitely won't miss Dell..He has been boring since the first episode! I think that Sam and Amelia could be a real power-couple! And Violet and SHeldon! I love them since their first moment in the elevator!!!!


I'm another Pete & Addison fan. I love them together and hope they stay together. As for the marriage... it's charlotte and cooper. Dying... Dell.


My bets on the engagement definitely go to Cooper and Charlotte - thought that might be too obvious. Another option that could cause a bit of drama would be Naomi and William. Personally, I want it to be Addison and Pete but I know that's probably wishful thinking. Really though, from "War" alone, it just proves how much Pete and Addison could actually TRULY be happy, and love each other for who they are. The way Addison supports Pete, loves him and Lucas, they way Pete listened to Addison's much needed wake-up call...they understand each other and are just so at ease with each other. I can't imagine right now Addison being with anyone else but Pete. I honestly could NEVER see Addison with Sam - b/c it just seems so awkward and they seem so much like brothers and sisters. Just WRONG. Also, my bet is on Violet or possibly Naomi dying. Side note: I wish Amelia would go away - her character REALLY ticks me off so much.


I hope the Addison and Pete stay together!


Okay, SERIOUSLY! I posted links to a couple of links to pictures mentioned on this thread and my comment was REMOVED!?!


okay, i agree in the Charlotte&Cooper engagement.
but i'm kinda confused, is someone definately dying then? Cuz i've heard nothing about that!


I hope the couples are Pete & Violet, Sam & Addison, Cooper & Charlotte, who are the ones engaged, by the looks of Charlotte's ring in the promo pics. Of course then the character who dies is either Dell or Naomi, or I quess technically Mia is also an original character, which would add Naomi & Fletcher as a couple.

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